The underground town in Jelenia Góra

On Saturday, December 22nd 2018, the long-awaited attraction known as „Time Gates” was officially opened, much to the excitement of tourists all around the country.

Below the centre of Jelenia Góra extends a lot of kilometers of underground corridors dug up under the Szubienicza Mountain (Kościuszko Hill). They have a total length of more than 5000 square meters. Between 1852 and 1853, there were cellars in these undergrounds, which storaged wine and beer for the Felsenkeller reataurant, which was later replaced with the LOK headquarters.

The chambers built in the rocks from the side of Chełmońskiego Street, served as a wine cellar before World War II.
In the post-war period there were the warehouses of Centrala Rybna, which were replaced with a disco party centre, which was eventually transformed into „Time Gates”.

The entire surface of the complex was separated into many zones, which tourists enter through the „Time Gates”.

At the sightseeing route there are five gates, which takes visitors into different time periods and different themes.

The tour begins with a Tesla Coil show, which shoots with 1.5 meter lightnings and plays music from Star Wars and Pirates of the Caribbean this is an anticipation of huge emotions further on the route, which inlclude a visit to a platform with an armored train, walking next to chests filled with gold and an encounter with the Ghost of the Mountains, a.k.a.Liczyrzepa.

There are plans to create time gates based on other themes, such as fables, cartoons, the times of vikings and napoleon wars.

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