The Knyszyna Wilderness Landscape Park

The Knyszyna Wilderness Landscape Park was established in 1988 and protects the precious nature, as well as cultural and historical qualities of the Knyszyna Wilderness, located in Podlasie, between the towns of Białystok, Supraśl and Krynki

In the Knyszyna Wilderness there are coniferous and forest habitats, which are home to precious individuals of old trees. The undergrowth, which is luxuriantly developed, has many layers with domination of the forest reed, the common spotted eagle, the blueberry and the stoneware raspberry. Here you can also find rare, protected species, including the one-sided taiga and the juniper club moss. Other things that are protected here, include tree stands, the forest river valleys, numerous springs and various geomorphological shapes, which are characteristic for the post-glacial landscape of this area.

The well-preserved fauna of the Knyszyna Wilderness is typical for the forests of the
Central-European Depression. The symbol of this Wilderness is undoubtedly the red deer, apart
from that, bigger mammals living here include the European Bison, the moose, the roe-deer, the boar, the wolf, the lynx, the marten, the weasel and the ermine. The Knyszyna Wilderness is also a rich world of birds, with more than 150 species appearing here, including rare individuals, such as the black stork, the crane bird, the lesser spotted eagle, the three-toed woodpecker, the red kite, the black kite, the capercaillie, the black grouse and the hazel grouse.

Water reservoirs
The constructed retention reservoirs and mid-forest ponds give the Knyszyna Wilderness its biodiversity, and apart from that they hydrate the farm and forest crops, prevent fires, gather the excess of rain water, serve as a habitat for wildlife and waterholes for wild animals. And for touirists they are just an interesting and gorgeous attraction.

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