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Krakow: Jewish Sites Tour

First Jews appeared in Krakow in the end of 13th century and only 100 years later they became an organized community. On the eve of World War II, Jews in Krakow constituted approx. 25% of the whole city population. This tour is dedicated to everyone who is interested in Jewish history of Krakow and Poland as well as history of World War 2. During our tour you will discover all important sites in Krakow related with Jewish community and their history including all highlights of Kazimierz Quarter which is today is absolutely best preserved Jewish district in whole Europe where most of Krakow Jews lived for centuries. We will also take you to the area of former Jewish Ghetto and former Concentration Camp in Plaszow. Finally you will visit one of the most popular museums in Krakow – Schindler’s Factory Museum in Podgorze District.

We offer private Krakow Jewish Sites Tours on request

Tour itinerary:

  1. hotel pick up at chosen time
  2. walking tour of Kazimierz up to 3 hours that includes all important sites of this district of the city
  • visit in Remuh Synagogue and Remuh Cemetery – unique complex of Jewish architecture and religious art dating back to the mid-16th century, functioning as a centre of the religious life of Jews in today’s Krakow
  • visit in Old Synagogue – was founded probably in the end of 15th century. Currently location of the Historical Museum of the City of Krakow with an exhibition dedicated to the history and culture of Krakow Jews

3. short drive from Kazimierz to Plaszow district to see:

  • area of former Plaszow Camp – German Nazi forced labor camp, later transformed into a concentration camp. During the camp’s operation around 30,000 people were imprisoned in it and around 5,000 were murdered.
  • Monument to the Victims of Fascism – constructed in 1964, large limestone bust presenting five people with expressionless faces.

4. short drive from Plaszow to Podgorze district – area of former Jewish Ghetto to see:

  • remains of Ghetto Walls – erected in June 1941 on the site of barbed wire
  • Ghetto Heroes Square – during World War II, the square became the focal point of the ghetto, nowadays location of unique memorial of 33 lonely chairs
  • Pharmacy Under Sign of Eagle – operated as an asylum, providing shelter during deportations, passing messages or packages outside and inside the ghetto.
  • Schindler’s Factory Museum – tells the story of a factory owner who became famous for the list containing the names of Jews he had saved before being transferred to extermination camps

Whole tour lasts up to 6 hours

*we reserve a right to implement above itinerary in a different order if availability of entrance tickets to Synagogues and Schindler’s Factory Museum is limited


  • 850 PLN per person (1 person)
  • 450 PLN per person (2 persons)
  • 320 PLN per person (3 persons)
  • 260 PLN per person (4 persons)
  • 220 PLN per person (5 persons)
  • 200 PLN per person (6 persons)
  • 190 PLN per person (7 persons)
  • Contact us (8 persons or more)

What is included?:

  • hotel pick up at chosen time and hotel drop off,
  • comfortable, private transportation,
  • service of professional private city guide in chosen language for up to 6 hours
  • entrance tickets to Schindler’s Factory Museum
  • entrance tickets to Old Synagogue and Remuh Synagogue & Cemetery

This private tour is available in following languages: English, Spanish, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Russian, Ukrainian and others

*some languages may be subject of availability and prices can vary

*Old Synagogue, Remuh Synagogue and Cemetery are closed on Saturdays

Choose number of participants


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