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Krakow: Segway Tours

We offer unique and engaging ways to explore Krakow’s historic sites. We provide high-end Segway i2 and x2 rentals along with guided tours. Our tours cover significant areas like the Old Town, Jewish Quarter, and Ghetto, ensuring a blend of fun, knowledge, and safety. Operated by licensed tour guides, these tours combine technology with storytelling, offering an original activity for visitors. 

We have perfect offers for groups of all kinds: stag/hen groups, company events, team building events and we can adjust our program and duration to suit your needs.

Sample itineraries:

Old Town Tour

This tour offers an immersive experience along the Royal Route. It highlights the historic and architectural splendors of the Old Town, including Europe’s largest medieval square, the city’s defensive structures, and the iconic Wawel Dragon. Key sights include the Planty Garden, historic churches, the Barbican, Grunwald Monument, and the Wawel Castle, ending with a scenic glide along the Vistula Boulevards. This tour promises a captivating journey through Krakow’s rich history and breathtaking urban landscape.

Duration: 90 minutes

Kazimierz Jewish District Tour

The Kazimierz Tour on a Segway explores the historic Jewish quarter of Kazimierz in Krakow. This tour offers insights into the lives of Jews in the area, visiting significant synagogues and cultural sites. Highlights include the Vistula Boulevards, various historic synagogues, and important cultural landmarks. The experience culminates with a traditional zapiekanka bread, marking the end of a journey through this culturally rich district. This tour provides a deeper understanding of the Jewish heritage in Krakow.

Duration: 90 minutes

Full City Tour

The Full Tour on a Segway in Krakow is a comprehensive journey which offers an in-depth exploration of Krakow’s medieval history, the unique legacy of the Jewish Kazimierz district, and the poignant memories of the Ghetto area from World War II. This tour combines the highlights of both the Old Town and Kazimierz tours, including historic churches, synagogues, cultural landmarks, and significant historical sites, providing a complete experience of Krakow’s diverse heritage.

Duration: 3 hours

Krakow by night Tour

This tour offers a unique perspective of the city after dark. It’s an opportunity to see Krakow’s famous sites illuminated and learn about the city’s mysterious past. The tour includes key historical and cultural landmarks, providing a chance to capture stunning night-time photographs of Krakow. This tour is perfect for those who enjoy urban exploration by night and are interested in the city’s history and architecture.

Duration: 90 minutes

Available languages: English, German, Polish

We also offer rental of segways for self guided tours

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