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Krakow: Tour to Zatorland Amusement and Education Park

Experience a day of wonder and discovery at Zatorland Amusement and Education Park, a delightful destination for one day trip from Krakow that’s perfect for family outings. This unique park is designed to fascinate not only dinosaur enthusiasts but also anyone seeking thrilling entertainment. It encompasses three thematic parks: Dinosaur Park, The Insect Park, and Mythology Park. Each of these offers a captivating journey into the distant past, the fascinating world of insects, and the realm of Greek gods and mythical creatures. It’s not just educational, but also a space for relaxation and endless fun for the entire family.

Tour Itinerary:

  1. Begin your adventure with a departure from Krakow.
  2. Arrive at Zatorland and immerse yourself in six and a half hours of exploration and entertainment.
  3. Conclude your day with a departure from Zator and a planned return to Krakow.

Inside Zatorland:

  • The Dinosaur Park, set within a lush forest, offers an educational pathway that unveils the life of these colossal creatures. Encounter over 100 different dinosaurs, with most of them being animated and producing lifelike sounds. Marvel at the massive herbivorous Sauropods, the iconic T-Rex, and the world’s largest mobile dinosaur – the Argentinosaurus, measuring over 35 meters in length.
  • The Insect Park lets you observe the tiny creatures that surround us daily. Encounter human-sized insects (including a moving cockroach), delve into their anatomy, and gain insight into their role in the natural world. The park showcases an array of insects from around the globe, including Thailand, Morocco, and Russia.
  • Located on the water, the Mythology Park introduces you to the captivating Greek gods, heroes, and mythical beings. A scenic lake cruise combines with stories of the vibrant Hellenic world. The park boasts an amusement section with thrilling attractions like the 3D Bonanza simulator, a drop’n’twist tower, devil’s wheel, and a Viennese carousel. Visitors can also enjoy dinocoaster slides, trampolines, a 5D Extreme cinema, an upside-down house, and much more, catering to visitors of all ages and thrill levels.

Price per Person: from 220 PLN (exact pricing may vary based on group size)

Zatorland Amusement and Education Park is an extraordinary blend of education and entertainment. Explore the fascinating worlds of dinosaurs, insects, and Greek mythology across three thematic parks. From lifelike dinosaur encounters to close-up observations of giant insects, and the magical realm of Greek gods, there’s something for every member of the family. Your adventure includes return transportation from Krakow and six and a half hours to explore and enjoy the park’s attractions. Whether you’re a history buff or an adrenaline junkie, Zatorland has something special in store for you.

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