Water Parks in Poland

In the summer it is often very hot. And when people get too hot, they often think of a way to cool off. One of the best ways ways to cool off on a hot day, and one of the first that people think off is swimming in a pool, or a water park. In Poland you can find plenty of exciting water parks, which are full of different types of pools and various thrilling attractions, such as water slides, jacuzzis, geysers, water volcanos, and many others. In this article you will be able to read about some of the best water parks in Poland.

„Termy Maltanskie”

„Termy Maltanskie” (Malta Thermal Baths) is the second largest sports and recreation centre in Europe, located at the northern edge of Lake Malta in Poznan. „Termy Maltanskie” was officially put to use on October 16th 2011. The complex is divided into two zones: the sport zone and the recreational zone.

The sport zone has an olympic swimming pool, a jumping pool and several smaller warm-up pools for swimming jumpers. Meanwhile, the recreational zone has 2 outdoor geothermal pools, a pool with a double wave and 13 slides, including a turbo slide, a pontoon slide and a family slide.

Bukowina thermal baths

The Bukowina thermal baths is a complex of geothermal pools located in Bukowina Tatrzanska. It is one of the mostt modern objects of its type in Poland. The total surface of hte water table of all the pools is 1885 square meters, The average temperature of the water in the pools is 30-38 Celsius degrees.

Because of the mineralization and the composition of micronutrients, as well as the proper hardness, the thermals waters are often used in medical treatment and therapy. The waters are used in treatment of arthralgia and ailments of the musculoskeletal system. They also help regulate the functioning of the organism and accelerate the metabolism

Suntago Water World

Suntago Water World (Suntago Wodny Swiat) is part of the Park of Poland complex. It is the largest covered water park in Poland, which can hold up to 15.000 people. Suntago Water World is divided into three theme-based zones: „Jamango”, „Relax” and the sauna zone. The „Jamango Water Jungle” zone has 300 palms and 32 slides on 6 different floors with the total length of more than 3.2 kiometers, as well as pontoon slides for 1, 2 or 4 persons.

The relaxing zone has a thermal pool with the surface of 840 square meters and a garden with the surface of 20.00 square meters. The sauna zone, with the surface of 2500 square meters has 12 theme-based attractions, including „Turkish Bath”, „The Egyptian Village”, the „Aquarium” and a Calla shower.

Aquapark Reda

Aquapark Reda is a water park in the town of Reda, in the pomorskie region. The object was first opened on August 22nd 2016 and has many exciting attractions, including annual indoor swimming pools, a fitness club and saunas. Perhaps the greatest attraction of Aquapark Reda is a water slide, which ends with a glass tunnel that runs inside an aquarium. From this fragment of the tunnel guests can see live swimming sharks!

This is also the only water park in Poland which functions as a hotel with approximtely 50 accommodation places.

Terma Bania

Terma Bania is one of the most modern thermal pool complexes in Podhale. It combines the advantages of a typical water park with a possibility to relax in thermal pools. This complex has something for everyone to enjoy.

The fun zone is a paradise for young children and fans of water frenzy. Here, visitors can enjoy an indoor pool with exciting attractions such as the main pool with awater cannons and cascades, a family slide and an artificial wave, outdoor water slides and two tubs with raw, sulfuric water.

In the summer zone there is an outdoor water playground with plenty of attractions for young children and a 3-track water slide with the total length of more than 150 meters.

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