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The Green Velo Route – Eastern Poland by bike.

Bicycle trips are a perfect idea to spend your free time actively, starting in early spring and finishing in late autumn. Fans of wheelers will find quite a few interesting trails in our country which include, among others, the longest bicycle route in Poland – the Eastern Green Velo Bicycle Route. It is nearly 2000 kilometers long and runs through five biggest regions in Eastern Poland.

We often wonder, where should we go for a weekend bicycle trip, especially since there is no shortage of picturesque places in Poland. The Green Velo routes can not only be enjoyed by professionalists, but also by beginner bicyclists, especially because the route is exteremely long and gives a chance to see the best attractions in Eastern Poland.

The Eastern Green Velo Bicycle Route.
Why is it worth taking a trip through this route? Because it is the unique, the longest and the consistently marked bicycle route in Poland. It mostly runs through public asphalt roads with low traffic, across the area of five regions located in the eastern part of the country – warmińsko-mazurskie (397 kilometers), podlaskie (598 kilometers), lubelskie (414 kilometers), podkarpacie (459 kilometers) and świętokrzyskie (210 kilometers). Nearly 580 kilometers (almost one-third of the route’s length) are excerpts leading through forest teritory, and 180 kilometers lead through river valleys.

Green Velo – a whole map of attractions
The trip can be started and finished in different parts of the route. Cyclists can choose between five regions, five national parks and 16 landscaped parks. They can find tourist attractions in every part of the route, some of which are located directly on the route, others in its surroundings.

What can a weekend at the Green Velo Route tempt you with? Between Elbląg and the Świętokrzyskie Mountains you can find many monuments, such as the Frombork cathedral, the Lidzbark Warmiński castle, the monastery complex in Supraśl, former Jewish villages – Tykocin and Leżajsk and cities known for their mulitcultural heritage – Chełm, Włodawa and Szczebrzeszyn.

Cyclists can also see Sanctuaries of various faiths in Kostomłotty, Kodnie and Jabłeczna.

You should also stop and take a walk through the Old Town in Przemysl, visit the castle in Łańcut, discover the charm of the city of Sandomierz and the ruins of the renaisance catle in Ujazd.

Practical info
About 7000 road signs put on the Green Velo Eastern Bicycle Route makes sure to ride safely, without the fear of making mistakes.

The Green Velo Route includes 900 Cyclist-Friendly Place, such as bed, food and service places, where you can take some resy and eat.

In total, there are over 500 overnight places.

At the Green Velo website there is a map, which you can use to check the routes, connections and attractions on the way.

Don’t forget that Green Velo isn’t just for a weekend. You can plan a longer trip and add more kilomers. There is plenty to choose from.

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