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The Best Cycling Routs in Malopolska (Lesser Poland)

Because of its geographic and natural diversity, Lesser Poland has been increasing in popularity among cyclists in recent years. This region is full of excellent cycling routes, each of which offers countless interesting attractions, including historical monuments and gorgeous natural wonders.

No matter if you’re an expert cyclist or you’re only beginning your bicycle adventure and if you’re an inhabitant or a frequent visitor of Lesser Poland, you are practically guaranteed your perfect cycling route.


VeloDunajec is the most charming and attractive cycling trail in terms of views among all the cycling trail of Lesser Poland. It goes through the picturesque areas of the Dunajec valley. Along the way you can feast your eyes on the breathtaking views of Tatry, Gorce, Pieniny and other mountain ranges. The current suggested course through the VeloDunajec route leads through finished fragments and goes through local roads around those parts that are still in development.

If you’re curious about VeloDunajec, you can try riding on it, because some of its fragments are already available for visiting. Some of the highlights of this route include protected nature areas, such as the Pieniny National Park and the area surrounding the Dunajec river, as well as tourist attractions, such as Zakopane with the „Tygodnik Podhalanski” bench and Krupowki, the Dunajec castle, the Czorsztyn castle and many others.


VeloCzorsztyn is a route created in 2019 at Lake Czorsztyn in Lesser Poland. Its main fragment between Niedzica and Czorsztyn is approximately 26 kilometers. It takes between 2 to 6 hours to get through the entire route. The exact length depends on your conditions and the places you will want to see. The major part of VeloCzorsztyn is a pleasant ride through flat terrain, although thew fragment between Debno and Niedzica might be slightly more challenging.

Although VeloCzorsztyn is a relatively short route, it is definitely worth coming here, even from the furthest parts of Poland. Some of its major highlights include the Gorce mountain range, Kluszkowce with the „Osada Czorsztyn” open-air museum and mount Wdzar, and Hasior’s organs – a monuments to the victims of World War II from Podhale.


VeloNatura is a cycling route between Piwniczna-Zdroj and Muszyna. It mostly leads along the right edge of the Poprad river, which makes it relatively easy and gentle, although you should be prepared for several elevation differences. This route goes partially through the fragment of VeloNatura/EuroVelo 11 and passes through pedestrian-cycling bridges. Thanks to the interesting tourist attractions at the border between Poland and Slovakia, as well as numerous springs with local mineral water, this is one of the most excellent cycling routes in Lesser Poland.

Some of its highlights include Krynica-Zdroj with a promenade and an observation tower, Muszyna with sensory gardens and Piwniczna-Zdroj with a Health Park and an interesting regional museum.

The cycling route through the Niepolomice Forest

This easy and delightful route leads through the roads and paths of the Niepolomice Forest. While cycling on this route, you will be able to see several interesting places in the close surroundings. It begins at the Niepolomice Market Square.

Some of the highlights of this route include:

  • The castle in Niepolomice – constructed in the 14th century from the initiative of Kazimierz the Great. It was originally a small castle, which was later transformed into a renaissance residence, and currently it holds a collection of 19th-century Polish art.
  • the Zelenski Palace in Grodkowice – constructed between 1900 and 1906 based on the design of Teodor Talowski
  • The church in Brzezie – a 1920s church with a characteristic palm vault.


ElPoprado, also known as VeloPoprad, is one of the most picturesque cycling routes in southern Poland. It might not be as popular, as the nearby VeloCzorsztyn route, but it still hasc plenty to offer. The major part of the ElPoprado route leads through the easy asphalt roads near the edges of Kryniczanka and Poprad. Some fragments of the route leads through narrow bridges.

Some of the attractions on this route that you should definitely check out include Krynica-Zdroj with a promenade, Nikifor’s Museum, and the cableway to Mount Parkowa, the Orthodox Church of st. James the younger in Powroznik, which is part of the UNESCO list and Muszyna with a charming market square and Biblical Gardens.

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