European Olympic Games in Krakow 2023, Lesser Poland

The European Olympic Games are an international sport competition organized every 4 years by the European Olympic Committee. The inaugural edition took place in 2015 in Baku, Azerbaijan.

The idea of organizing the European olympics, based on the olympics in Asia and Africa, first appeared in the mid-1990s. According to the research done at that time, there were no sport events in Europe, which would focus on all the Olympic disciplines. The idea was re-introduced in 2010 from the initiative of Zlatko Matesa – the manager of the Croatian Olympic Committee.

So far, there were two editions – the first one took place in Baku, Azerbaijan in 2015, and the second inBelarus in 2019.
And next year, the third edition will be organized in Krakow, Poland. Some of the disciplines during the previous editions of the European Olympic Games included basketball, beach soccer, kayaking, triathlon, wrestling, table tennis, water sports and many more.

The Olympics hosted representations from many countries around the globe, which competed for more than 250 medals.

List of sports of the European Games Krakow-Małopolska 2023


  • Table tennis (Olympic qualifications) – Hutnik Arena
  • Basketball 3×3 (Olympic qualification) – Cracovia Arena
  • Canoe slalom (Olympic qualifications, European Championships) – Kolna Sports Centre
  • Kayak Sprint (European Championships) – Zalew Kryspinów
  • Archery (Olympic qualifications) – Płaszowianka Arena
  • Fencing (Olympic qualifications, European Championships) – Tauron Arena Kraków
  • Modern pentathlon (Olympic qualifications, European Championships) – AWF Kraków
  • Rugby 7 (Olympic qualifiers) – Stadion im. H. Reyman
  • Teqball (European Championships) – Krakow Main Square
  • Triathlon (Olympic qualification) – Zalew Nowohucki
  • Padel (program discipline) – Kraków Main Market Square
  • Kickboxing (program discipline) – Cracovia Ice Rink


  • BMX (Olympic qualifications, European Championships) – Krzeszowice BMX Park


  • Athletics (Olympic qualifications, European team championships) – Silesian Stadium


  • Mountain biking (Olympic qualifications, European Championships) – Góra Parkowa
  • Mountain running (program discipline) – Góra Parkowa
  • Judo (Olympic qualifications, European team championships) – Krynica-Zdrój Arena
  • Teakwondo (Olympic qualifications) – Krynica-Zdrój Arena

Nowy Sacz

  • Breaking (Olympic qualifications) – Park Strzelecki


  • Artistic swimming (Olympic qualifications, European Championships) – Swimming pool in Oświęcim


  • Diving into the water (Olympic qualifications, European Championships) – Rzeszów Arena


  • Badminton (Olympic qualifications, European Championships) – Jaskółka Arena
  • Beach handball (program discipline) – Beach Sports Center
  • Beach soccer (curriculum discipline) – Beach Sports Center
  • Climbing (program discipline) – ANS Tarnów


  • Shooting (Olympic qualifications) – Sport Shooting Range


  • Ski jumping (program discipline) – COS Zakopane

Nowy Targ

  • Boxing (Olympic qualifications) – Nowy Targ Arena

The III European Games Krakow-Małopolska 2023 will start on June 21, 2023 at the Municipal Stadium in Krakow. This biggest sports event organized in Poland so far will end on July 2, also at the Municipal Stadium in Krakow.

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