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The renaissance defensive mansion in Piotrowice Świdnickie

The mansion with a defensive character, which is located at the very end of the village of Piotrowice Świdnickie, was founded between 1590 and 1599 by Jacob von Zedlitz from Płonina, probably with the participation of Italian architects and builders. Since 1606, the host of the local estate was Abraham von Zedlitz, who – until the young heir named Christoph von Zedlitz became of legal age – also provided guardianship to the wealth in Laasan, which was associated with the family’s wealth.

Between 1698 and 1699, Sigismund Otto von Nostitz, who was the owner of the Laasan and Peterwitz wealth since 1694, decided to renovate and slightly reconstruct the mansion. Whwn Sigismund died, in 1716 the village of Piotrowice was taken over by his son Carl Gottlieb von Nostitz, and later, after his childless death – by his widow, Beate Abigail from the

von Siegroth-Schlakwau family. Several years later, baroness von Nostitz got married once again, although it isn’t clear wether it was for love, or just to salvage her wealth, whgich was severely in debt. Her new husband was general Wilhelm Dietrich von Buddenbrock, who had huge achievements as a leader during the first Silesian war, which helped him to win grace from king Fryderyk II, as well as the titles and large amounts of money associated with that grace.

After the death of Beate von Buddenbrock, the wealth was passed down to her distant relative, Niklas Hermann Friedrich von Brghauss, who was the royal chamberlain and the director of the Association of the Silesian Land. At the same time, he was a man with a big heart, who spent lots of money on charity and science purposes.

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