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The ruins of the Bolczów castle in Janowice Wielkie

The origins of the village of Janowice, in which the Bolczów castle is located, probably date back to the 13th century, although the first historical mention about it didn’t actually appear until 1334. And aloing with that mention appeared a man, who lived there at that time, Franciszek von Ywanewitz. In the mid-14th cemtury, this settlement, along with Miedzianka and Mniszków was part of the wealth of the de Beyer family. In 1370, two of the family’s representants, Albrecht and Heinrich
de Beyer, sold the village of Janowice and half of the village of Miedzianka. Shortly after this transaction, the new owner of these lands, the steward of the princes of Świdnica and Jawor from the wealthy Bolcze family, constructed a fortified castle at the north-west branch of the ridge of Rudawy Janowickie, the existence of which is conifrmed by a document, which dates back to 1375.

Since the second half of the 14th century all the way to the end of the next century, the wealth of Miedzianka, along with Janowice and the Bolczów castle changed owners many times. Back in the 14th century, it was owned by the foreman of Kłodzko, Puta from Castolvice, and later by Hannos Wiltberg, who in 1397 sold it to the von Ylenburg brothers: Wend, two Ottos and Potto. However, the following year, one of the mentioned brothers passed the stronghold to the von Boralowicz brothers: Konrad and Reinhard. Another memorable owner of the Bolczów castle was
Hermann von Czettritz, mentioned in 1433, probably because of the siege and destruction of the castle by the townspeople of Świdnica, who were representing the interests of the bishop of Wrocław.

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