Attraction in Podkarpackie Region

The podkarpackie region is located in south-east Poland. It is one of the most of picturesque and primitive regions in the country. Its capital is the city of Rzeszow. This region has plenty of attractions, which will surely satisfy anyone, regardless of their interests. Here you can admire nature in national parks, dscover diverse and valuable monuments, relax and improve your health in numerous health spa towns and even enjoy an active vacation. In this article you will be able to read about some of the most interesting attractions in the podkarpackie region.

The castle in Lancut

The castle in Lancut is the former magnate residence locateed in the village of Lancut, in the podkarpackie region.

The original residence in the form of a defensive tower was most likely constructed by the Pielcki family in the second half of the 16th century. The most significant expansion took place between 1629 and 1641, when it was owned by Stanislaw Lubomirski. In 1830, Lancut became the ordination, and Alfred Potocki was its first ordinate..

During World War II, the Potocki family was not persecuted by Germans, and the castle was the location of the Wehrmacht headquarters.

The Historical Museum in Sanok

The Historical Museum in Sanok is the location of the world’s largest collection of art by Zdzislaw Beksinski. It also has collection of ancient and modern art.

This institution was formally created in 1934 as the Sanok Land Museum. After the outbreak of World War II, in September of 1939 the castle, which was the location of the museum,was robbed. In August of 1944, the museum’s collection was devastated by the German army, while the local government took away some of the oldest artefacts of Polish culture.

Magurski National Park

The Magurski National Park was established in 1995. It is located at the border between the malopolskie and podkarpackie regions. Thr first concepts of establishing the park appeared in the mid-1970s. Ultimately the Magurski National Park was etablished on November 24th 1994 and officially opened on January 1st 1995.

The purpose of the Magurski National Park is to protect the unique area between the western and eastern part of Karpaty. More than 90% of the park’s surface is occupied by forests. But in this area there are also numerous meadows and pastures.

The Museum of Maria Konopnicka

The Museum of Maria Konopnicka is a biographic museum dedicated to Maria Konopnicka. It was established in 1957 in the village of Zarnowiec. The museum consists of a monumental mansion from the 18th century and a park with the surface of more than 3 hectares.

On September 8th 1903, Maria Konopnicka and her good friend Maria Dulebianka moved to the mansion in Zarnowiec, where they spent time in the spring and summer. In 1956, Zofia Mickiewiczowa and other heirs to the poet donated the mansion and the park to turn it into a biographic museum.

The Underground Tourist Route in Rzeszow

The „Rzeszow Cellars” Underground Tourist Route is a complex of former city cellars combined into a tourist route, located in Rzeszow. The decision to create the underground tourist route was made in 1994, although the idea itself dates back to the 1980s. The tourist route became available for tourists in April of 2001. At that time it was 213 meters long ad lead through 34 rooms. Currently, the Underground Tourist Route consists of 40 rooms connected to each other, which are located on three floors.

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