Żywiec Brewery Museum

In the first half of the 19th century, most of the region of Żywiecczyzna was in the hands of the representatives of the Austrian, Imperial Habsburg family. In the middle of the century, it’s next owner was the archduke Albrecht Fryderyk Habsburg, who was also the owner of the Cieszyn Duchy. The prince was famous for his thrift, investing in ironworks, sawmills, wood industry and farming industry. The construction of the brewery in Żywiec began in 1852. The official registration of the brewery took place in 1856 – this is the date imprinted in the logo of the beer in Żywiec. One year later, the brewery released the very first barrels with its beer to its customers. A few years later, the brewery gained the dominant position at the Galician market. The Żywiec brewery was supposed to be owned by the Habsburg family until 1939, when the German occupation government took control of it. When you visit Żywiec today, you can still admire many original, 19th century buildings of the brewery. They were designed by the main architect of the Management of Goods of Żywiec, a man living in Żywiec, Karol Pietschka. The designed such buildings, as the brewhouse, the malt house, the storage room, the boiler, the machine room and the administrative buildings.

Another place that encourages touristsa to go back in time,is the super-modern Żywiec Brewery Museum, which is located in the former fermentative cellars. In the 18 rooms of this museum you’ll discover the interesting history of beer brewing and the methods of production. Visitors can relocate to the streets of the Galician town, visit a traditional inn and a colonial store.

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