What should you see in Pieniny

The Pieniny mountains are the second most popular mountain place after the Tatra Mountains. They are one of the most attractive tourist regions in Poland – especially the center part. Here are a few places that you cannot miss while going on a trip to Pieniny:

The Zaskalnik waterfall
This waterfall is approximately 5 meters high and floats in a slow, peacedul rhythm. The picturesque Zaskalnik waterfall lies on a height of 550 meters above the sea level. There are 3 tourist trails leading to this place – the horse trail, the black bicycle trail and the blue walking trail, leading from Szczawnica to Przehyba. You can get from Szczawnica to the waterfall by a chaise or a stylized mini-train.

Gorge of the Dunajec river
Considered one of the most beautiful places, not just in Poland, this is a nature monument of global significance. Dunajec flow in a deep, self-grooved rocky ravine. It takes 7 rapid turns on the length of 9 kilometers.

St. Marcin’s church in Grywald.
A wooden, gothic parish church under calling of St. Marcin, built in the second half of the 15th century, in the place of an earlier temple. According to legend, that even earlier, there was a pagan shingle right in this place.

Arguably the most beautiful mountain peak in Pieniny. It is 747 meters high and built from hard limestones. The upright walls of Sokolica of the height of 307 meters fall steeply to the valley of Dunajec. This is a wonderful viewing point of Dunajec, the Small Pieniny and the Tatra Mountains.

Zamkowa Mountain
The Zamkowa Mountain is located in the main massif of Trzy Korony, in the north-eastern direction from the main mountain peak. At the top you can see the ruins of the Pieniny Castle, which is one of the highest-located Castles in Poland. It was built between 1257 and 1287 as a guard castle in the Nowy Sącz region.

The Pieniny Trail
This trail leads through the Pieniny ravine from Szczawnica by the right riverside. Its first fragment was built between 1870 and 1875 by Jozef Szalay. After his death, the creation of the trail was continued by the Skill Academy in Krakow. In some places, Dunajec creates such a tight gorge, that in order to create a narrow road, that would be contiguous to the rocks, it was necessary to cut the rocks and build high rock-concrete embankments directly above the river current.

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