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Herring Farm

In 2010, an old house from 1902 and an 1832 barn were discovered. The people, who found these two old objects, decided to renovate them with one goal in mind – to revive activity in the village of Starkowo and engage the local community of the Checked Land. The owners’ main goal is to renovate the farm and create a living monument documenting the life of families from the past.

The four-sided peasants’ farm in Starkowo 13 was built in the early 19th century. Above the entrance of the gate building the date of the farm’s creation – 1832 was inscribed. Apart from the beginning date, there are also ornate inscriptions pointing to the owner and the carpenter. The barn and the gate building were built in a skeletal structure, while the youngest buliding is the brick house bulit in 1902.

The farm used to be the property of Hofmeister family It was a repeatable name in Starkowo, which suggests that they might have shared some ancestors. 20 local families have had documented prescription since the early 16th century. They were honored with hand-made oak blackboards in the early 1930s.

Between 2010 and 2014, an idea appeared to rebuilt the farm and create the Herring Museum.

At the area of the Herring Farm there is a tavern, where tourists can taste herring sewrved in all sorts of various ways – Polish, Kashubian, Dutch, German, Russian and many others.

If you’re feeling like staying a bit longer at the Herring Farm, you can book a few nights at the Herring Farm Guesthouse. The interior of the guesthouse is a combination of tradition, modernity and functionality.

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