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Majaland in Kownaty

„This little bee, that you can see here, is called Maja,
Maja is known and loved by everyone…”
Do you know anyone, who was born in the 1970’s or 1980’s and doesn’t know who Maja the bee is? It would probably take a miracle to find such a person! And thanks to the Studio 100 animation company, who revived the character in the 2010’s a brand new generation of children can be delighted with the adventures of the titular Maja and her best friends Gucio and Filip the grasshopper. However, I’ll bet you didn’t know that this lovable little bee was the inspiration for a theme park.
Majaland Kownaty is a family-friendly theme park, opened in 2018, on the area of the village of Kownaty, in the lubuskie region. Thanks to the fact, that part of the attractions is located indoors, tourists can visit the park all year round. It is thematically based upon the characters from cartoons developed by Studio 100, including Maja the bee, Vic the Viking and Heidi.
As of 2019, there are 2 active rollercoasters in Majaland – the Viking Rollercoaster and the Werewolf Rollercoaster. And there are also a few other attractions, including:

Heidi’s farm – a petting zoo
Car town – here, young children can learn the rules of traffic
A merry-go-round with seat shaped like animals
A theatre with shows starring characters from cartoons by Studio 100
The Viking Totem – a small free fall tower
The Great Drakkar – a water attraction with the efect of a stormy sea

So if you’re looking for a place to introduce your young ones to Maya the Bee and let them have some fun, then look no further than Majaland in the town of Kownaty.

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