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Poronin is a Polish village, located in the malopolskie region, 7 kilometers away from Zakopane.
Between 1975 and 1998, this town was part of the nowosadeckie region.

The first information about Poronin was mentioned in 1624, but the name itself, although in connection to the river, already appeared in 1254. People suppose that in the early middle ages the area of today’s centre of community of Poronin was a giant pasture glade.

Around 1620, Poronin became a separate village. In 1806, a chapel was built here, and in 1833, a parish with a church was created.

In the early 19th century, Poronin was a summer resort, probably even more famous than Zakopane.

Some of the famous people visiting Poronin included:

Jan Kasprowicz (1860-1926) – a poet
Franciszek Orawiec (1896-1940) – major of the infantry of the Polish Army
Jozef Gasienica Tomkow (around 1888-1942) – a tatra guide and a mountain rescuer
Wlodzimierz Lenin – a Russian revolutionist

One of the most interesting places in this area is the Harenda residence – the home of Jan Kasprowicz on the Harenda, on the slope of Gubalowka. The poet purchased this house in 1923 from the English painter Winifred Cooper, and lived there for three years until he died in 1926. In 1933, thanks to the participation of Jan’s widow, Maria Kasprowicz, as well as Kornel Makuszynski and Leopold Staff, a granite mausoleum was created next to the house, based on the design of Karol Stryjenski. This is where the ashes of Jan Kasprowicz were moved.
Thanks to the initiative of Maria Kasprowicz, the Harenda residence became the Kasprowicz museum in 1950.

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