The Radiostation Museum in Gliwice

On the trail of the Silesian technology monuments there is a crucial place in terms of history, and in fact, for the whole world. We are talking about the Radiostation Museum in Gliwice. The local provocation was strictly associated with the outbreak of World War II. So, it’s no wonder it is considered one of the most famous monuments in history.

The most characteristic part of the radiostation is the world’s highest wooden tower and at the same time, the highest wooden construction in Europe. It was produced in 1935 by the Lorenz AG Company from Berlin. It is currently part of the Gliwice Museum. The best time to come here is on Saturday, when the entrance is free.

The mast is made from larch tree logs. You can reach the top of the tower by climbing the ladder with 365 steps. The highest top is located at the height of over 109 meters. Some people say that fi the weather is fine, you might see the Tatra Mountains. Unfortunately, we cannot see if that’s right, because tourist are not allowed to climb it.

There were some crucial historical events taking place on August 31st 1939. Keep in mind, that back then, Gliwice was part of Germany, but very close to the Polish border. On that certain day, the 7-person division of the German security service sneaked into the building. Pretending to be Polish people, they terrorised the people working in the radiostation and read the reply in Polish: „Attention, this is Gliwice. The radiostation is in Polish hands.” However, they didn’t know that the main broadcasting stusio was located in the building at Radiowa street, while the microphone signal only reached a few kilometers away. But that was quite enough „good reason” for the German propaganda to attack Poland. Although Hitler’s army found more provocations and reasons to attack our country, none of them is more known and more disgraceful than the one in Gliwice.

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