Thermal baths in the Polish mountains

In the Polish mountains, apart from hiking and sightseeing, you can also find a few complexes of thermal baths, where you can relax while dripping in hot water. In this article you will find information about some of the most popular thermal baths in southern Poland

Bukovina therms
Probably the first thing that comes to mind, when you think of thermal baths in Poland. Among the water attractions that you can find in the Bukovina therms, we must mention the Bulgotnik – a pool with a hydromassage, which is 1.3 meters deep, the Bonior Basisty, which is the largest inner pool in these therms, 2 Jacuzzi, and the Zostawnica – for those who can’t choose between the internal and external pools.

The Chocholow therms
These therms are probably the largest therms in the entire country. Apart from the typical attractions, such as swimming pools and jacuzzis, there are also great attractions for kids, such as the aquarium – a playroom for the youngest visitors, and an external water playground.
Another interesting thing about this place is the fact, that one of the swimming pools is equipped with a highly advanced security system called POSEIDON – the cameras installed underwater can alert the lifeguards, if they see behaviors that are typical for a drowning person.

The Szaflary therms
These therms consist of 4 pools, 2 of which of internal, and the other 2 are external. There is also a three-track family-friendly water slide. The pools have a permanent temperature of 30-38 Celsius degrees.
Apart from the pools, the Szaflary therms can also offer saunas, a fitness room, an Italian restaurant and a so-called „wet” restaurant.

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