Tuczno Castle

The castle in Tuczno was established as a defensive fortress, in a small village with a fishing settlement. This is a strategic place: the fortress was supposed to defend th border between Branderburgia and the Wałecka Land. The building was devastated many times. Today, the new castle, which was built here in the 20th century, is the headquarters of the creativity house of the Association of Polish Architects.

Karol IV from the Luksemburg dynasty, which ruled in the 14th century, was supposed to call this fortress one of the strongest ones at the eastern side of Odra.

The castle was invaded many times, it didn’t survive the attack the Teutonic Knights, among others. After these attacks, the fortress was burned.
The castle was rebuilt many times (the original gothic building didn’t leave any meaningful traces behind, except for the fragments of the foundations).

Similarly to other castles in Poland, the Tuczno fortress has its White Lady. She is accompanied by the ghost of a beautiful young man – the falconer. Long ago the fell in love, but their romance was quite tragic.

The beautiful lady was married to the owner of the castle, but when her husband was away, she was chartmed by a handsome falconer. The romance blossomed in the castle tower, where the woman spent most of her time.
Sadly, the falconer died after being shot by an arrow, while hunting for water birds. The distraught girl drank poison at the top of her tower. Sometimes you can hear the noise of a spinning wheel from the tower where she lived.

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