What is famous “Milk bar” ?

Poland is a very interesting country with unique traditions. There is so much to discover, to try something new and extraordinary! For example, have you ever heard about “Milk bar”?If not, keep reading➡

Milk bar is a very characteristic and important place in Polish culture, trace of communist times, part of latest Polish history (Poles don’t like those times but probably the Milk bar is one thing they 100% love about the past).

So, basically, Milk Bar is a canteen with cheap traditional Polish food and self- service. It looks very simple (most of Milk Bars still are absolutely the same as during the communists period) without any frills and it is non-touristic place. However, often there you can see endless queue of locals (that means the good quality of the food). And it is extremely cheap. For 10 -13 złotych you can eat traditional Polish lunch and get full?

This cafeteria got the name “Milk” not just because. Actually, there are few explanations for this. 1.Food in Milk Bars is very simple, most of the ingredients used there are cheap but nourishing; many recepies are based on dairy items?? 2. The another explonation (more funny one) is that during the communist times all Milk Bars were financed by government and the name “Milk” symbolizes the same relation between mother giving milk to her child and government providing nation with food? ?By the way, the government still supports most of the Milk Bars?

We strongly recommend you to visit this place at least once. Such a non-touristic place allows to see Poland from another, homely, typical for local and unfamiliar for tourist side, to move into the past and feel the atmosphere of communistic times. Milk Bars is definetely a good idea for your cultural experience in Poland

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