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Bialystok: Tour to Tykocin

Tykocin is a very attractive tourist destination with many places that commemorate significant events and monuments which reflect the history of this city. The urban layout itself is an interesting, rarely seen attraction – it resembles the characteristic layout of a Jewish town. Jews made an important contribution to the history of Tykocin. This charming city will satisfy even the most demanding tourists. Together with our guide, you will walk around the historic stone-lined streets and admire the wooden houses. The main square of the city captivates with its appearance and unique atmosphere all year round. We ensure that participating in this tour will be a very pleasant experience.

We organize private tours from Bialystok to Tykocin on request

Tour itinerary:

  1. pick up from your hotel at the chosen time,
  2. approx. 30 min. drive from Bialystok to Tykocin by a comfortable car/minibus with assistance of our private guide in chosen language;
  3. partially walking and partially driving private tour of Tykocin which will last up to 3 hours; you will have the chance to visit the most important attractions of the city such as:
  • Church of Holy Trinity – built by Jan Klemens Branicki in 1740-1750. It is a Baroque basilica-type temple. The interior of the church consists of three naves, the walls are decorated with polychrome, and the main altar is beautifully gilded. The church also has a historic, rococo organ from the first years of construction of the temple. The external appearance of the temple is characterized by two towers connected to the body of the church with arches and arcades in the shape of semicircular wings
  • Great Synagogue (approx. 40 min. of visiting inside) – erected on the site of an old wooden synagogue in 1642. Currently, it is a branch of the Podlasie Museum in Bialystok. The building reflects the atmosphere of a Jewish temple. The interior attracts attention mainly due to the ornamentation of the walls. There are huge 19th century tablets with inscriptions in Hebrew and Aramaic – biblical quotes and prayer texts.
  • Little Synagogue (approx. 10 min. of visiting inside) is located in the vicinity of the Great Synagogue. It was built in the end of the 18th century on a rectangular plan in the Baroque style. Almost completely destroyed during World War II but renovated in the 1970s. Originally, the building housed a religious school and was a Talmudic house. Today, it houses a rich collection of Judaica, and in the basement there is a restaurant called “Tejsza”, still serving the flavors of Jewish and regional cuisine.
  • Market Square – a unique urban monument of the city. It has existed since the establishment of Tykocin, but it has retained its current appearance from the 18th century. Its trapezoidal shape and Baroque style attract attention and encourage you to stop for a moment.
  • Seminary (visit from the outside) – military house funded by Krzysztof Wiesiolowski in the middle of the 17th century that has survived to this day..
  • Tykocin Castle (visiting inside for up to 45 min.) – the castle of King Zygmunt II August is located on the northern bank of the Narew river. The basis of the castle was a wooden fortress from the beginning of the 14th century. In the 16th century the royal residence had a horse arsenal, a treasury and a library. We will visit the facility and learn about the history of the castle thanks to the exhibition located in the castle’s basement.
  • The Bernardine Monastery Complex (only from the outside) – was a project of Jan Klemens Branicki and was built in 1771-1791. The monastery complex, like most of the city’s monuments, has a Baroque character. The entire complex is an interesting place that extends on a horseshoe plan.
  • Jewish Cemetery (only from the outside) – one of the oldest surviving Jewish cemeteries in Poland, located a few hundred meters from the synagogue. This necropolis has existed since the beginning of the history of Jews in Tykocin – from 1522.
  • Monument to the White Eagle – situated on a small square, built in 1982 as a project of the Society of Friends of the Tykocin Region. Earlier, a wooden plinth of the white eagle stood in this place, erected in 1919 in honor of Poland regaining its independence. The present monument is made of bronze and also commemorates those events.

4. approx. 30 min. drive back from Tykocin to Bialystok
5. drop off at your hotel in Bialystok

Whole tour lasts approximately 4 hours


  • 980 PLN per person (1 person)
  • 520 PLN per person (2 persons)
  • 400 PLN per person (3 persons)
  • 320 PLN per person (4 persons)
  • 280 PLN per person (5 persons)
  • 240 PLN per person (6 persons)
  • Contact us (7 persons or more)

What is included?:

  • hotel pick up and drop off after the tour,
  • private transportation by a comfortable, air-conditioned car/van,
  • service of our private guide in Bialystok in chosen language during the whole tour,
  • entrance tickets to the Tykocin Castle,
  • entrance tickets to the Great Synagogue,
  • entrance tickets to the Little Synagogue

This private tour is available in following languages:
English, German, French, Russian and Greek

*some languages may be subject to availability and prices can vary

Choose number of participants


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