Krakow: Tour to Czestochowa

If you have the need to calm your mind during your stay in Poland, we would recommend visiting Czestochowa. This is the most important point on the map of Poland for Catholics already since the XV century where you can climb and explore the famous Basilica of Jasna Gora and admire the impressive painting of the Black Madonna, a shrine of the Virgin Mary. Millions of pilgrims from Poland and from all over the world come here to visit the sanctuary. Here most of the Polish kings, the Pope, aristocrats, statesmen and representatives of all social classes gathered to pray.
We can help you organize a tour with an English-speaking monk from the Pauline Monastery. Jasna Gora has an extent history since it witnessed many significant historical events such as the „Swedish invasion” in 1655. Besides the famous painting you should also visit the Knight’s Hall, the Treasury – the oldest part of the museum, the 600th Year Anniversary Museum of Jasna Gora, the St. Roch Bastion, the Arsenal and the Tower of Jasna Gora. In the Treasury there are exhibits which contain collections of silverware, jewels, armorers, votive offerings of popes, cardinals, Polish kings and the Pauline’s monks artwork from the past centuries who were the guardians of this place. Inside the Bastion you can visit almost 500 exhibits, most of them come from the 18th century and include art craft, historical memorabilia. Outside you can see the exhibition of how „Solidarity” started, the memorabilia of the Smolensk victims and soldiers fighting during World War II. As for the Arsenal here are items connected with John Paul II. We are sure that you will not forget this trip for a long time.

We can arrange private local monk guide inside the Pauline Monastery of Jasna Gora.

Sightseeing lasts approx 1,5 hour.

*Since this is a sacred place, you should remember about appropriate clothing and behaviour while doing the tour in the Basilica.

Tour lasts approx 6 hours

Tour Itinerary:

  1. pick up from your hotel in Krakow
  2. transport to Czestochowa, around 2,5 hours by car / van
  3. visiting the sanctuary with an English-speaking monk or by your won depends which option you choose
  4. free time in Czestochowa for a quick meal
  5. transport back to Krakow – 2,5 hours
  6. drop off at your hotel


  • 800 PLN total (1-3 persons)
  • 900 PLN total (4-5 persons)
  • 1050 PLN total (6-7 persons)
  • Contact us (8 persons or more)

Budget option:
We provide service of private car and private English speaking driver. In Czestochowa you have some free time to visit Jasna Gora Monastery on your own.

Tour lasts approx 6 hours


  • 650 PLN total (1-3 persons)
  • 750 PLN total (4-7 persons)
  • Contact us (8 persons or more)

Choose number of participants and date:


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How far is Czestochowa from Krakow ?

Czestochowa is located about 142 km from Krakow .

How long does it take to get to Czestochowa from Krakow ?

One way driving takes approximately 1 hour and 40 min. to get there.

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