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Wroclaw: City Tour by electric car

If you are tired of visiting cities the standard way or have walking problems and would like to see as much as you can while being in Wroclaw, join us for a city tour by a comfortable and ecological electric car! We guarantee a great atmosphere with a kind driver which will assist you during the whole tour and an audio guide in chosen language describing the interesting history and monuments along the way. During our tour you will also hear funny anecdotes and discover the secret corners of Wroclaw. You will cross wonderful bridges, islands and see the most popular attractions the city has to offer. Together with the driver, you will look for places where the famous smiling dwarfs have hidden. One of the most well-known and liked actors in the world – Jackie Chan – has visited Wroclaw by an electric car. Why don’t you try, too?

We organize private city tours by electric car around Wroclaw on request

All routes include:

  • tour around Wroclaw by a comfortable, special, ecological electric car called melex
  • assistance of an English-speaking driver during the whole tour
  • audioguide during the tour in chosen language: Polish, English, German, Spanish, French, Italian or Russian

You can choose out of 4 different options: 

Route 1 – Old Town & Ostrow Tumski (Cathedral Island)

Duration: 1 hour


  • 350 PLN total per group up to 5 persons
  • 60 PLN per person (6 persons or more)

During the tour you will see:

  • St. Elizabeth’s Church – a huge Gothic temple, often mistaken for a cathedral by tourists due to its size
  • Jatki Street – here used to be the old slaughterhouse, now there is a memorial commemorating the animals, the oldest street in town
  • Main Building of University- take a look at the beautiful Baroque edifice ornamented with sculptures and find out why the Fencer is naked
  • Ossolineum Library – home of very important works of Polish authors
  • Philology Department of the University of Wroclaw- the former monastery building, which today houses the philology department. In front of it, a smiling leprechaun with the face of a famous professor from Wroclaw
  • Market Hall – built in 1908; today it is still operating market with flowers, fruit, vegetables and sweets
  • Sand Bridge – the oldest existing bridge in Wroclaw; it is over 150 years old and has traces of fights from World War II
  • Sand Island – passing through this little island, we will see an Orthodox Church and St. Mary’s Catholic Church which boasts an impressive gate
  • Tumski bridge – also called the ”Lovers’ Bridge” wherecouples hang their padlocks and declare love to each other
  • Church of St. Cross and Bartholomew – how did it happen that two churches were built in one building? The baroque monument in front of the church presents scenes from the life of Saint John of Nepomuk
  • Archbishop’s Palace – here you will find the headquarters of the Metropolitan Archbishop of Wroclaw
  • Cathedral of St. John the Baptist- during the tour we will stop and have a look inside the Cathedral and show you a bullet from World War II which is stuck in the building’s facade
  • St. Giles Church – the oldest church in the city; hear the legend of the dumpling gate
  • Voivodeship Office – the only building built in Wrocław during World War II
  • National Museum – a real eye-catcher, overgrown by ivy; its changing colours attract photographers’ attention all year round
  • Rotunda which houses Panorama of the Raclawice Battle – panoramic painting that can be watched from a special platform; one of the most significant attractions in Wroclaw
  • Building of Museum of Architecture – situated in old monastery with a beautifully renovated door
  • Royal Palace – the former seat of the kings of Prussia, it was here that Frederick William III established a war decoration – an iron cross; currently, it houses the Museum of the History of Wroclaw, which presents the history of the city from the Middle Ages to the present day
  • Solny Square – the name of the square comes from the times when salt from Wieliczka mine was traded there; apart from salt, you could also buy hides and honey there; nowadays there are florists open 24/7

Route 2 – Old Town, Ostrow Tumski (Cathedral Island), Complex of the Centennial Hall

Duration: 1 hour 45 min


  • 440 PLN total per group up to 5 persons
  • 80 PLN per person (6 persons or more)

During the tour you will SEE all of the monuments mentioned above in route 1 and additionally

  • Grunwaldzki Square- in the end of World War II, two churches were demolished there, and a military airport was built in their place – find out why
  • Zwierzyniecki Bridge- a historic bridge with many original features; passing through it we will find ourselves on a big island
  • Centennial Hall (stop) – due to its size and unique structure, it was added into the UNESCO World Heritage List; trade fairs, matches and concerts take place here
  • Pergola – during the day, around the multimedia fountain we will see a green pergola, which consists of as many as 750 pillars
  • Steel Spire – about 100 meters high steel structure
  • Wyspianski Embankment – driving along the coast, we will see the buildings of the Wroclaw University of Technology and the gondola lift
  • Grunwaldzki Bridge – a hanging, riveted bridge with a length of 120 meters; several mysterious stories are associated with it

Route 3 – Old Town, Ostrow Tumski (Cathedral Island), Centennial Hall Complex, Railway Station, Opera House, Four Temples District (former Jewish District)

Duration: 3 hours


  • 600 PLN total per group up to 5 persons
  • 110 PLN per person (6 persons or more)

During the tour you will see The same monuments as in route 2 but also:

  • Railway Station – one of the most beautiful buildings in Wroclaw with many interesting stories
  • Opera House – the Wroclaw Opera is a place of many impressive artistic performances
  • Four Temples District – a place where 4 cultures meet: Protestant, Jewish, Catholic and Orthodox.

More free time to explore on your own, possible entries to:

  • Leopoldin’s Hall in main building of Wroclaw University
  • the market hall
  • the Japanese garden

Route 4 (night tour) Historical Wroclaw By Night, Bridges and Wroclaw Multimedia Fountain

Duration: 2 hours


  • 440 PLN total per group up to 5 persons
  • 80 PLN per person (6 persons or more)

*Route without time for any entrances

The same monuments as in the program of route 2 including the Main Train Station and Opera House – they look beautiful during the night and also:

  • the Passage Art Installation – one of the world’s most creative monuments
  • Medical University – many world-renowned doctors were associated with the Medical University of Wroclaw
  • Renoma Shopping Center – a shopping center, ornamented with sheer gold, was built before World War II
  • Wroclaw Multimedia Fountain – Poland’s biggest fountain which attracts thousands of tourists every year

*Fountain shows in the summer season:
May-September – daytime shows are presented daily at full hours from 10:00 to 17:00.
Evening shows start at full hours from 6:00 PM to 9:40 PM.

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