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Wroclaw: Tour to Boleslawiec Pottery and Church of Peace in Jawor

Embark on a captivating journey to the heart of craftsmanship and artistic tradition with our tour to Boleslawiec Pottery from Wroclaw. Immerse yourself in the age-old legacy of pottery production, tracing its roots back to the 14th century in the Bolesławiec region. This land has blossomed into a prominent hub of pottery artistry, offering a unique insight into the time-honored craft.

At one of the region’s premier local manufacturers, witness the magic unfold as skilled artisans weave their expertise through the different stages of production. Marvel at their dexterity as they breathe life into clay, shaping it into magnificent creations that reflect the rich heritage of Polish pottery.

On the way back we will to another another wonder – the awe-inspiring Church of Peace in Jawor. This wooden masterpiece, standing as a beacon of history, was erected during the tumultuous 17th century. It bears witness to an era marked by religious strife and the perseverance of Protestants, a symbol of faith rising above adversity. Designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this architectural marvel tells a tale of both devotion and artistic prowess.

Join us on this exploration that seamlessly weaves together the threads of artistry, history, and culture. Experience the charm of Bolesławiec pottery, the splendor of the Church of Peace, and the enduring legacy that binds them.

Tour Itinerary:

  1. hotel pick up at chosen time in the morning
  2. approx 1 hour 30 min. drive from Wroclaw to Boleslawiec
  3. visiting Boleslawiec Pottery Factory. Inside we’ll learn about the processes of making clay and admire carvings with spectacular colours and designs.
  4. 2-3 hours of free time for shooping/lunch and exploring Boleslawiec Town where you can admire:
  • Market Square: Charming center with shops, cafes, and historic architecture
  • Old Town Walls: Walk along remnants of medieval defenses
  • Local Crafts: Shop for unique ceramics and other traditional crafts
  • Town Hall: Admire the architecture of this administrative building
  • Marian Basilica
  1. approx 1 hour drive to visit the Church of Peace in Jawor. The Church of Peace in Jawor stands as a wooden Evangelical church characterized by its wattle and daub construction. Situated in the town of Jawor, this historic religious edifice was erected in accordance with the terms of the Peace of Westphalia, a significant treaty finalized in 1648 that marked the conclusion of the Thirty Years’ War.
  2. 1 hour drive back to Wroclaw

Duration: 9 hours

What is included:

  • hotel pick up and drop off.
  • transport by high quality, comfortable, air-conditioned minivan or minibus
  • english speaking guide.
  • entry to the Boleslawiec Pottery Factory.
  • entry to the Jawor Peace Church.

Prices: from 290PLN

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