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We offer unique and engaging ways to explore Wroclaw’s historic sites. Our offerings feature high-end Segway i2 and x2 rentals, alongside guided tours. These excursions cover significant areas like the Old Town and Ostrow Tumski District, ensuring a fun, educational, and secure experience. Led by accredited tour guides, our tours blend cutting-edge technology with storytelling, providing a distinctive adventure for visitors.

Our services are designed to accommodate various groups, providing perfect solutions for stag/hen parties, corporate gatherings, and team-building activities. We offer flexible programs and schedules tailored to fit your unique needs.

Sample itineraries:

Old Town Tour

Embark on an exhilarating Segway journey through Wroclaw, a city rich with history, architecture, and whimsy. This tour invites you to explore the Old Town’s enchanting narrow alleys, towering churches, and bubbling fountains, offering a blend of cultural heritage and modern vibrancy. Set off from the bustling Main Square, navigating towards the mesmerizing Glass Fountain and the historic Townhall. Glide past the Cloth hall, making your way to the Royal Palace, a testament to Wroclaw’s regal past. The route leads you to the sacred sites of St. Barbara Church and St. Krzysztof Church, offering moments of tranquility amidst the urban landscape. Challenge your curiosity with the city’s playful secret: over 100 little stone dwarves hidden in plain sight. As you search for these charming sculptures, the tour continues to the Swidnicka Basement, St. Agnieszka Church, and the lively Solny Square. Marvel at St. Elizabeth Church’s Gothic beauty, then glide to the esteemed Wroclawski University. The adventure doesn’t stop there; enjoy the green oasis of Wroclawski Park and Slowacki Park, before delving into the cultural treasures at the National Museum. Experience the awe-inspiring Raclawice Panorama and the historic Synagogue under a White Stork. Conclude your journey at the vibrant Market Hall, filled with local flavors and crafts.

Duration: 90 minutes

Ostrow Tumski Tour

Embark on this tour to uncover the ancient soul of Wroclaw in the mystical Ostrow Tumski, the cradle of the city’s history. This unique journey transports you through narrow cobblestone paths, past centuries-old churches, and into the heart of Wroclaw’s origins, blending the echoes of the past with the whispers of today. Start your adventure at St. Marcin Church, an emblem of faith and resilience, and then proceed to the St. Jan Baptist Cathedral, a monument to architectural grandeur and spiritual depth. The path leads you through the Wroclaw’s Archdiocese, revealing layers of religious history, to the Archbishop’s Palace, a testament to ecclesiastical power and architectural beauty. Cross the Tumski Bridge, a symbolic gateway between past and present, and find solace at the Roman Catholic Church NMP, a beacon of devotion amidst the historical tumult. The tranquility of the Botanic Garden offers a natural retreat, while the Natural Museum enriches your understanding of the region’s flora and fauna. Your exploration culminates in the serene ambiance of Wroclaw’s Islands, a peaceful conclusion to a tour that not only showcases Ostrow Tumski’s ancient charm but also intimately connects you with the enduring spirit and stories of Wroclaw’s earliest days.

Duration: 90 minutes

Full City Tour

Ensure Wroclaw reveals all its secrets to you with our comprehensive full city tour. We will take you through the charming Old Town, the bustling city center, and the tranquil island of Ostrow Tumski, ensuring a full spectrum of experiences from historical sites to modern-day hangouts. Setting off from the Main Square, your journey weaves through key landmarks including the luminous Glass Fountain and the historic Townhall. As you navigate past the Cloth hall, the Royal Palace stands as a beacon of Wroclaw’s noble past. The tour continues to the spiritual havens of St. Barbara Church and St. Krzysztof Church, offering moments of serenity amid the city’s lively atmosphere. Embrace the playful challenge of spotting over 100 little stone dwarves scattered around the city, a delightful quest that adds a whimsical twist to your adventure. The path leads you to the underground mysteries of the Swidnicka Basement, the gothic elegance of St. Agnieszka Church, and the bustling Solny Square. Admire the architectural splendor of St. Elizabeth Church before advancing to the prestigious Wrocławski University. The exploration extends to the green retreats of Wroclawski Park and Slowacki Park, and into the cultural depths of the National Museum. Witness the breathtaking Raclawice Panorama and explore the historic Synagogue under a White Stork. Your immersive tour concludes in the lively Market Hall, a hub of local cuisine and craftsmanship.

Duration: 3 hours

Wroclaw by night Tour

Unveil the nocturnal beauty of Wroclaw on a captivating tour that transforms as the city lights up the night. This unique journey invites you to experience the city’s landmarks under the cover of darkness, revealing a different perspective that day visitors rarely see. As you glide through Wroclaw, known for its enchanting network of 112 bridges, the evening shadows cast a new light on its historical and architectural wonders, offering an ideal backdrop for photographers and story seekers alike. Begin your adventure at the Main Square, where the night amplifies the charm of its surroundings. Glide towards the luminous Glass Fountain, creating a mesmerizing spectacle against the night sky. The historic Townhall and the Cloth hall stand as silent witnesses to the city’s bustling past, now serene in the moonlight. The Royal Palace, with its illuminated façade, adds a regal touch to your nocturnal exploration. Continue to St. Barbara Church and St. Krzysztof Church, where the tranquility of the evening enhances their spiritual ambiance. The mystery deepens as you approach the Swidnicka Basement, a place teeming with tales from the underground. St. Agnieszka Church and the lively Solny Square, now quiet, offer a moment of reflection. Marvel at the Gothic beauty of St. Elizabeth Church, then onto Wroclawski University, its prestigious buildings glowing in the night. The tour takes a peaceful turn through Wroclawski Park and Slowacki Park, their natural beauty heightened by the shadows. Your journey culminates at the Synagogue under a White Stork and the Market Hall, where the night market buzzes with life, offering a glimpse into the city’s vibrant community spirit.

Duration: 90 minutes

Available languages: English, German, Polish

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