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Wroclaw: Polish Food Tour

Embark on a delightful Wroclaw Culinary Journey and discover the pinnacle of Polish cuisine!

Exploring the local culinary scene is an essential aspect of any vacation. To truly grasp the essence of a different culture, one must indulge in the flavors of local food and beverages. While guidebooks and online reviews offer abundant information, the most immersive way to savor a multitude of experiences is by joining our Wroclaw Food Tour. We cordially invite you to partake in this gastronomic adventure, where you’ll relish Polish and regional specialties while simultaneously unraveling the city’s charm and culture.

Known as the “Polish Venice,” Wroclaw boasts stunning beauty and a vibrant, youthful atmosphere. While the city boasts numerous dining establishments, unearthing delectable, authentic Polish cuisine can prove to be a delightful challenge. On our Food and Culture Tour, you’ll dine like a local while delving into the rich tapestry of Polish heritage and history. We’ll guide you to our handpicked culinary gems across the city, providing a kaleidoscope of venues and an array of authentic dishes.

Our knowledgeable guides will accompany you on a journey of conversation and exploration. You’ll have the privilege of visiting 4-5 distinct locations where you can savor a remarkable 11-13 food samples, all thoughtfully paired with Polish craft beer and vodka.

Price: from 290PLN

What’s Included in the Price?

  • Expert Guide: Each tour is led by a warm and informative guide, eager to share tales passed down through generations. Our passion for food and food culture is palpable.
  • Unique Dining Venues: We’ll venture to 5 diverse establishments, each offering a unique ambiance and favored by locals.
  • Culinary Delights: Relish a tempting assortment of 12-14 distinct food items, concluding with a delightful dessert. Arrive with a hearty appetite, as you’ll be well satisfied by the tour’s end.
  • Beverage: Sip on 1 Polish craft beer and savor 1 Polish vodka.
  • Tips and Recommendations: Your guide will present you with a foodie map, cookbook, and personalized tips for making the most of your stay. We’ll unveil additional local gems for dining, entertainment, and sightseeing.
  • Tour Summary: Each guest will receive a tour summary to ensure you remember the places visited and the delectable dishes savored.

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