Permanent residence permit, citizenship & others

The permanent residence permit entitles you to work in Poland without any need to obtain additional documents, however permit which is issued in Poland does not allow you to work in any other country. Obtained residence card is valid for 10 years and then needs to be replaced but within much easier and shorter procedure than is required while applying for it for the first time. What is also important, permanent residence card allows you to travel to other countries that belong to Schengen area as long as such journey does not exceed 90 days in a 180-day period.

There are lots of circumstances of granting a permanent residence permit so we invite you to contact us and consult your case with one of our experts on immigration law in Poland.

One of legal services that our lawyers provide is a help with obtaining Polish citizenship. Before making research on this case, it is important to check how your country of origin regulates the issue of dual citizenship. Citizen of Poland may have both Polish citizenship and citizenship of another country but not every country allows such situation.

There are many formal ways of obtaining Polish citizenship and exact procedure should be chosen based on individual situation. Please contact us for a professional advise.

Our trusted experts are ready to help you not only with mentioned legal services but also with any other issued related with Polish immigration law. Range of their services include for example: humanitarian stays, refugee and asylum status approvals, tax consultancy and many others.

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