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9 most beautiful mountain trails in Poland

Fans of mountain trips and hiking will find many incredible trails in Poland. You can find trails leading through the Tatra Mountains, Bieszczady, Pieniny or Sudety. The choice is huge, so sometimes it might be difficult to find the most beautiful routes possible. One thing is sure – all of these trails can guarantee fantastic views. Let us introduce you to a subjective guide through the most interesting mountain trails in Poland.

Polish mountains can offer many walking trails to tourists. You can choose between easy routes for beginners and the more difficult ones, dedicated to experienced hikers. This is our ranking of mountain trails that should definitely be included on your tourist map.

„Bieszczadzka koronka”
This is one of the longest and most interesting trails in Bieszczady. You should book about 12 hours to get through this trail. The loop of „Bieszczadzka koronka” begins in Wetlina and runs through Pętlla Górska, Rabia Skała, Czerteż, Kremenaros, Wielka Rawka and Mała Rawka and it ends at the starting point – Wetlina. Part of the trail runs by the border, so during the hike you can also admire the Slovakian and Ukrainian parts of Bieszczady.

One of the most interesting parts of this trail is the cliff on Rabia Skała, towering at the Slovakian side of the border (1167 meters above the sea level) at the top of this cliff there is an observatr=ion terrace – from there you can admire the gorgeous mountain panorama. Another incredible place on this trail is the so-called tripoint, where at the top of Kremenaros the borders of Poland, Slovakia and Ukraine combine. „Bieszczadzka koronka” isn’t a very demanding route, but there will be a few more challenging aproaches, for example at the Wielka Rawka (1307 meters above the sea level)

The Sowie Mountains – through the oldest part of Sudety
The Sowie Mountains are the oldest part of Sudety, and at the same time one of the most picturesque mountain ranges in Poland. The highest peak is Wielka Sowa (1015 meters above the sea level) – this place is the location of a 100-year old stone tower, from which you can admire the spectacular panorama of Sudety.

The Sowie Mountains are covered with a thick network of tourist trails. The most interesting route (red) leads from Jedlina-Zdrój through Rzeczka, Wielka Sowa and Bukowa Kalenica to Srebrna Góra – at the end of the route there is one of the largest mountain fortresses in Europe. It is also worth following the yellow trail from Walim to Wielka Sowa (getting through this route one way takes about one hour)

Trzy Korony – wandering through Pieniny
Trzy Korony, which are part of a massif of the same name, are the highest mountain peak of Pieniny Środkowe. This is one of the most characteristic and touristically attractive points in this region. The peak party consists of five limestone crags. At Okrąglica, he highest of them, (982 meters above the sea level) there is an observation platform, from which extends the fantastic view of Dunajec, the Tatra Mountains, Beskid Sądecki and Magura Spiska.

There are several trails leading to the top itself. All of them meet by the crossing of trails undert Trzy Korony, ot the so-called „Siodło”. From here, you only have to walk 15 more minutes to the observation platform at Okrąglica. You can ge to Trzy Korony from Szczawnica (the blue trail), Krościenko (the yellow trail and the blue trail, about 2 hours one way), Sromowce Niżne (the yellow and blue trail, about 2 hours one way) and from Czorsztym (the blue trail)

Tarnica, Halicz, Rozsypaniec – the landscapes of Bieszczady
The trail leading through Tarnica, and later through Halicz and Rozsypaniec, is actually a classic in Bieszczady. True fans of mountain trips simply must go for a full-day trip down this route.

You can get to Tarnica, the highest mountain peak of Bieszczady (1346 meters above the sea level) by following, among others, the red trail from Ustrzyki Górne (it takes about 3 hours to get to the top). After getting to the very top of „bieszczadzki Giewont”, as Tarnica is sometimes called, you can continue your trip through Halicz (1333 meters above the sea level) and Rozsypaniec (1280 meters above the sea level) and later follow the red trail to the en of the world of Bieszczady, which is an asphalt road that suddenly ends in a meadow. From this point you can start going back.

Szczeliniec Wielki – wandering through the Stołowe Mountains
Szczeliniec Wielki is the highest peak of the Stołowe Mountains and one of the greatest tourist attractions of Sudety. This is the place where scenes for one of the „Chronicles of Narnia” movies were shot. The highest point of this mountain range is located at the height of 919 meters above the sea level. The top of Szczeliniec Wielki creates an incredible rocky labyrinth, at the edges of which there are obseration routes – this is a place that every mountain fan should see.

You can get to the top of the Stołowe Mountains by following the yellow trail from Karłów (there is a parking at the bottom) This popular route leads through 665 steps – it’s not very difficult, but you should be careful. This trip should’nt take more than 45 minutes. If you want to enter the area of the landscape reserve, which contains the peak parts of the Stołowe Mountains, you’ll have to pay in the tourism season.

Orla Perć – Tatra Mountains for experienced hikers
This is one of the most famous, and at the same time one of the most difficult trails in the Polish Tatra Mountains. The route, which runs through the passes of Zawrat and Krzyżne, attracts anyone looking for strong thrills and wonderful mounain scenery. At the trail there are facilities, which include chains, buckles and ladder – but even then this trail isn’t suitable for beginner hikers.

Orla Perć is a typical high mountain trail, which needs more than 6 hours to be fully conquered (You should also include time for getting on and off the ridge). The best places to take off to Orla Perć are the „Murowaniec” mountain shelter at Hala Gąsienicowa and the shelter in the Polish Five Pond Valley.

Śnieżka – the popular mountain trail in Karkonosze
Picturesque tourist trails can also be found in Karkonosze. The highest point of this mountainn range, and at the same time its symbol is Śnieżka (1602 meters above the sea level) At the very top there is the St. Wawrzyniec chapel and the characteristic building of the IMB weather observatory with an exhibit of measuring tools.

Through Śnieżka runs the Road of Friendship Between the Czech Republic and Poland, which is a tourist trail with the length of approximately 30 kilometers (red), leading through the main ridge of Karkonosze – alternately through the Polish and Czech side of the border. The route begins on Szrenica and runs through, among others, Czarna Przełęcz, Śląskie Kamienie, Śnieżka and ends in Przełęcz Okraj.

Babia Góra – the queen of Beskidy
Babia Góra is the highest elevation of Beskid Żywiecki and at the same time one of the best observation points in Poland. If the weather and visibility are fine, you can see Beskidy, Gorce, Tatry and even part of Slovakia.

There are many tourists trails leading to Babia Góra. One of the most interesting and most beautiful ones is the trail running from Markowe Szczawiny through Perć Akademików to the highest peak – Diabla.From here extends a fantastic mountain panorama.

Dolina Chochołowska – the landscapes of the Tatra Mountains
If you aren’t able to climb the high mountains,you can go for a walk down one of the most beautiful valleys in the Tatra Mountains. Fans of longer trips should go to Dolina Chochołowska, which is the largest and longest valley in the Tatra Mountains (I is nearly 10 kilometers long)

The trail begins by the parking in Siwa Polana. Going to Polana Chochołowska takes about 2 hours one way. The trail is wide and well marked. I is a great choicev for beginner hikers and families with children.

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