Most interesting underground attractions in Poland

Dungeons and basements hiding secrets from the past, legendary mines, fairytale caves and kilometers of tunnels. If you combine all of that with ghosts, hidden treasures and unsolved mysteries, you can find out that underground attractions can be a lot of fun. Let us introduce you to some of the greatest underground attractions in Poland.

The Królowa Luiza Groove in Zabrze
The largest tourist complex associated with the post-minig heritage in Poland is more than 14 kliometers long. An undeniable attraction is walking on a pavement, cored 200 years ago with the thickness of nearly 6 meters with company of a professional guide (most of whom are retired miners). It’s the only route of its kind in Europe. While visiting this attraction you can can encounter Skarbnik – the ghost of minig corridors.

The Chalk undergrounds in Chełm
This is a unique attraction on a worldwide scale – a labyrinth of underground corridors carved in chalk, which extend under the entire Old Town in Chełm on several floors. The tourist route, which has been available for tourists since the 1970s, is currently the greatest attraction of the town and its surroundings, attracting people from all over the country and from abroad. There are numerous legends associated with the undergrounds, including the most famous one, which tells the story of Bieluch the Ghost.

Time Gates in Jelenia Góra
Time Gates – the largest underground attraction of Karkonosze – is a true delight for fans of science. Here you can discover the largest Tesla coil in Poland. The tour begins with an impressive show of lightning bolts and music, and after that, you start exploring the route, which consists of five theme-based gates. Some of the attractions include the armored train and wagons of gold hidden by the Nazis, as well as the famous Mountain Ghost.

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