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Most beautiful Polish places to see in autumn

The beginning of autumn is a time, when most of us end our vacation and go back to everyday life. But this year, because of fear for their health, some people decided to postpone their vacation for later. Let us introduce you to some of the places that are excellent to visit in the autumn.

Grójec – the best Polish apples
When most people think of autumn, they think of the best time to pick the juiciest and sweetest apples. That’s when the orchards are full of the most ripe fruits, that are simply impossible to resist. If you’re a fan of sweet, red apples, you should definitely go to Grójec, because this is the place where 40% of all the Polish apples are growing.
Here, for over 500 years, orchard traditions were created, which date back to the times of queen Bona.

Białowieża – a one of a kind rut
The Białowieża Wilderness is mostly associated with the largest European Bison colony in Poland. But apart from this unique mammal, there are many other animals living here. Starting in mid-September, for about 4 weeks there is a special event, which is worth holding everything and coming to Białowieża.
The rut is the breeding season of noble deers. That’s when male deers begin to make loud noises between sunset and dawn. All night long we can hear the mighty roars of male deers, exhoing through countless kilometers in the surroundings.

Świeradów-Zdrój – not just the health spa
In the autumn, when there are less people coming to resorts, it is worth coming to Świeradów Zdrój. This health spa resort, located in the Izerskie Mountains, has many attractions to offer.
The main point of every tour to Świeradów Zdrój is the Health House. This object delights with its architecture, including the 46-meter clock tower. Visitors are guaranteed to be delighted with the local Walking Hall.

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