Small Polish towns with unconventional attractions

There are plenty small towns in Poland, that you might not have heard of, but have some unconventional attractions, that could easily compete with any famous attraction that can be found in cities such as Warsaw, Wrocław or Gdańsk. Let us introduce you to a few attractions from Polish small towns and villages, which are guaranteed to be remembered.

In Fojutowo you can find an unusual aqueduct, in which there is a river flowing above… anotrher river. This specific crossing is one of the most interesting hydrotechnic monuments in Poland. This attraction can be found not far from Bory Tucholskie. It might not be the only attraction of its type in Poland, but it is certainly the longest one – 75 meters of length.

Did you know, that Provence in France is not the only place in Europe where you can find lavender fields? Lavender also grows in Lesser Poland, not far from Kraków. And more specifically, in the surroundings of Proszowice. This is the perfect place for an incredibly romantic photo session.

Mikołaj Rej was associated with the town of Nagłowice, where today you can visit a museum dedicated to him. It was established in the former home of the author of „Krótka rozprawa między trzema osobami, Panem, Wójtem a Plebanem”. However, while did settle down in Nagłowice at a certain time in his life, he was actually born in Żurawno in Red Ruthenia.

If you want to see some of the strangest attractions in Poland, you definitely can’t miss Wągrowiec! That’s because this is the only village in Poland, where you can see a pyramid and a crossing of rivers at one surface. The rivers Nielba and Wełna cross at the angle of 90 degrees, but they almost don’t mix at all. You probably won’t believe it unless you see it.

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