Pucheroki in Bibice

Bibice is a large village, located not far from the northern borders of Kraków. It is one of the places, in which the folklore of the land of Kraków is still cultivated. The main promoter of cultural events in Bibice and the community of Zielonki is the Bibice Folk House, which organizes the Community Pucherok Overview every Palm Sunday.
The world pucherok comes from the latin word puer which means „boy”. Many centuries ago, the students of Kraków often went begging to rich houses, to repair their budgets, and sometimes just to have something to eat. In order to make the collection more diverse, the students dressed up in weird costumes and prepared funny, rhyming stories and Easter wishes. All this combined into a tradition similar to visits of Christmas carolers in the winter.

The festive pucherok overview is organized every year in the Folk ouse in Bibice. The creativity of costumes and the presentations of the pronounced orations are awarded by applauses from the crowded public. The performances are not ranked from worst to best. Instead, every contestant receives a commemorative pize. The pucherok meeting is accompanied by a small fair, during which you can buy Easter eggs, Easter decorations, and small palms, most of which were crafted by school children and the pupils of a local help center.

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