Sadecczyzna – discover the pearl of Lesser Poland

Are you familiar with this incredibly beautiful, yet still little known part of Poland? Allow us to introduce you to several interesting propositions of spending your free time in a region described as the „Pearl of Lesser Poland”. Find out what you should see in the Sądeckie Land and don’t hesitate to plan a few days for exact discovering of this area…

For many years, when people thought of Polish mountains, the first thing that would come to mind would be Zakopane and Tatry. If we want to see something different than just Krupowki or Gubalowka, it is worth considering a trip to a different part of the małopolskie region. The Sadeckie Land can easily surprise fans of hiking, extreme sports and those, who are looking for a perfect place to spend a real vacation.

What should you visit and do in the Sadeckie land?

Lesser Poland is a region where anyone can find something that they will enjoy. Going roughly several dozens of kilometers to the south from Kraków, we can get to the surroundings of Nowy Sacz so-called Sadecczyzna. For decades, this amazing land was enhabited by many ethnical minorities. Today, although Sądecczyzna is administratively part of Poland, the influences and traditions of many nationalities and cultures keep crossing paths, even though they are no longer present in these lands. This unique place is today rediscovered by tourists. The region has plenty of tourist attractions, mineral waters and unique nature to offer. It’s up to you to decide which attractions of the Sadeckie Land will be your favourite.

The tourist attractions of the Sądeckie Land

Tracking down the footprints of the history of Sądecczyzna will definitely allow you to fall in love with this incredible land. Very few people know that in Jastrzębnik you can find a mofetta – chilly volcano mephitis, which consist in 95% of carbon diocide. This is a monument of inanimate nature, which can only be found in a few places in Poland. The mofetta in Jastrzębnik is the largest one in our country, that’s why it is definitely worth a visit!

Less than 40 kilometers away from Nowy Sącz there is a village of Przewoźnik. This is the place, where you can visit the oldest orthodox church in Karpaty. The building became part of the UNESCO List of World Heritage, so visiting it just has to be a part of our trip’s program.

While visiting the cities and buildings it is impossible to overlook Nowy Sącz itself. There is at least a dozen of places that you should visit. Oneo f the most popular attractions among tourists is the Galician Town.
It is a complex of more than 20 buildings, which are a reconstruction of the Galician buildings from the late 19th and early 20th century. This isthe only place where you can go back more than 100 years in time and visit an old chapel, a Jewish inn, town hall, or a traditional pottery workshop. The Galician Town is a great idea for an afternoon or even a whole day, which will surely be remmebered for a long time.

Rafting down the Dunajec river.

You can find additional information about things that are worth seeing in the Sądeckie Land by visiting the website of the Tourist Information Centre in Nowy Sącz. Rafting down the Dunajec river is undoubtedly one of those tourist attractions that should necessarily be part of your list…

Extreme sports is a great offer for anyone who is acitve, brave and searching for big thrills. If you think that you’re going to be bored while visiting Nowy Sącz and its surroundings, you are mistaken! Extend the borders of your imagination and try something, that you didn’t even think about. Rope parks, cycling and walking trails, lakes and swimming pools, as well as skiing trails is not all. You can also try gokarting, paintball, climbing, and an off road rally (4×4) through the pastures of Beskidy, as well as raftingb down the Dunajec river. And if you’re looking for even bigger thrills, plan a paraglider or glider flight. You don’t have to worry about permissions or licenses, because this is the responsibility of experienced instructors. You will only need lots of energy and strong nerves.

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