Modern Museums in Poland

When going on a vacation, most people want to visit a museum, where they can learn about the place they are visiting, or something specific that is associated with that place. But if you think that museums are just huge buildings with ancient artefacts that are forbidden to touch, think again!

These days, there are plenty of modern, interactive museums, where touching is not only allowed, but even obligatory! This article will give you information about some of the best and most interesting modern museums in Poland.

The European Solidarity Centre

The European Solidarity Centre is an institution in Gdansk, established on November 8th 2007. Its purpose is to disseminate the legacy of the „Solidarnosc” movement in Poland and other countries.

The building of the European Solidarity Centre has an interactive, permanent exhibit consisting of 6 rooms, which presents the modern history of Poland, as well as an archive, a library, a media library, a cafe and a souvenir shop. The building is the location of not only the European Solidarity Centre, but also other non-governmental organizations.

The ICHOT Poznan Gate

The ICHOT Poznan Gate is a cultural institution in Poznan, created with the purpose of interpreting and promoting the history and legacy of Ostrow Tumski in Poznan. The major part of the ICHOT Poznan Gate complex is occupied by the multimedia exhibit dedicated to the history of Ostrow Tumski.

The idea of creating this institution originated from the actions organized since the early 21st century with the purpose of revitalizing degraded areas of Poznan. The ICHOT Poznan Gate complex also has an observation terrace on the roof.

The Multimedia Cliff Museum in Trzesacz

The Cliff Museum in Trzesacz was established in 2000. It presents the history and legends associated with Trzesacz and the ruins of the church of st. Nicholas. In May of 2014 it was reopened after several months of modernization as the Multimedia Cliff Museum in Trzesacz.

The museum’s exhibit is divided into rooms, each of which tells a different chapter from the history of Trzesacz. Visitors can learn about the history of Trzesacz and the daily life of its citizens from 600 years ago, as well as watch an animated legend told by Neptune.

The Underground of the Market Square in Krakow

The Underground of the Market Square in Krakow is a division the Historical Museum of Krakow, located beneath the eastern part of the Main Market Square.

The Undergroundss have both a permanent and time-limited exhibit. The permanent exhibit became available 3 days after the official opening of the museum – on September 27th 2010. It is a multimedia show, which allows visitors to go back in time and feel the atmosphere of the Main Markett Square in Krakow from the middle ages. The exhibit uses many modern technologies, including holographic devices, to present the reconstructions of the buildings.


The „Hydropolis” Ecological Education Centre is a museum dedicated to water, located in Wroclaw. It is the only object of its type in Poland and one of the very few in the world.

The purpose of Hydropolis is to showcase water from various perspectives with the use of multimedia technologies, faithful replicas and models, as well as interactive screens filled with information. Each of the theme-based zones of the exhibit shows water in a different aspect. Visitors can get familiar with ancient inventions associated with water, see the replica of the Trieste bathyscaphe and learn about the use of water in everyday life.

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