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Best places for skiing in Poland

Poland is a country with plenty of attractions and activities to offer. One of the most exciting attractions that you can do here is skiing. Every year, countless fans of this sport come here to test their skills on numerous ski routes, each of which has different conditions, which have a huge impact on the difficulty level. In Poland there are plenty of excellent places for skiing, that will satisfy anyone, regardless of their experience level. This article will give you information about some of the best places for skiing in Poland.

Bialka Tatrzanska

Several years ago, Bialka Tatrzanska was not as familiar as other nearby resorts, such as Bukowina Tatrzanska or Zakopane. But today, this village is the location of the largest and most modern ski station in Poland. It became popular thanks to the fact, that the local hills are relatively gentle, and thir height are usually not much higher than 200 meters.

The ski station in Bialka Tatrzanska has 3 downhill areas: Kotelinca – the largest and most attractive area, Bania – perfect for families with childen, and Kantowka – the southernmost area. These downhill areas have a total of 7 chairlifts and 21 longer and shorter routes with the total lenghth of approximately 15 kilometers.

Jaworzyna Krynicka

Jaworzyna Krynicka is a ski station located in the south-east part of Lesser Poland, right next to Krynica-Zdroj. The greatest advantage of this ski resort is a modern, 6-person gondola lift, which takes tourists all the way to the top of Jaworzyna Krynicka.

Skiers can enjoy 7 routes with the total length of 8.3 kilometers, most of which are red routes for intermediate skiers. But there are also several shorter and easier routes, which are perfect for learning the basics of skiing. The routes with the diverse difficulty level and the snow, which lies here for nearly 150 days in the year, make Jaworzyna Krynicka one of the most attractive ski resorts in Poland.

Czarna Gora

Czarna Gora is a picturesque place, which is the location of one of the largest and most modern ski resorts in Poland. It offers 2 ski fields and 6 routes with the diverse difficulty level, which will satisfy experienced skiers, as well as those, who are only getting introduced to this sport. The total length of the routes is more than 10 kilometers. The Czarna Gora ski resor also offers 3 cableways, 4 belt lifts for children, a professional winter equipmnt rental and a ski school, where you can improve your skills under the care of qualified instructors.

Kasprowy Wierch

Kasprowy Wierch is the highest located ski resort in Poland and the only one with an alpine characte, which makes it absolutely iconic among skiers from the entire country. This mountain has been popular practically ever since this activity was introduced in the Tatra Mountains. The very first ski lift in this area was created in 1938. Many skiers believe that the route in Kociol Goryczkowy is the best ski route in Poland.

Despite its excellent conditions for skiing, the number of people visiting Kasprowy Wierch is getting lower because of the routes being inaccessible without natural snow and the difficulties with getting to the bottom station in Kuznice. But even then, this is still a mountain that every skier should visit at least once.

The Szymoszkowa Glade

The Szymoszkowa Glade already was a popular place for ski training before the war. But it wasn’t until after the creation of the „Kasprowy” hotel (currently „Mercur”), that it really became famous. In 1997, a 4-person funicular with the length of 360 meters was constructed.

In 2000, one of Poland’s very first 6-person funiculars leading to the top of Gubalowka was created. Next to that funicular there is a very interesting route, which is sometimes quite rapid, but also very wide, which makes it perfect of dynamic skiing on the edge. The Szymoszkowa Glade became populae not only thanks to its advantages, but also because of the closing of the routes at Gubalowka, which attracted many skiers, who were looking for a ski station with similar conditions.


The Zieleniec ski resort is the largest object of its type in the Klodzko Valley. Thanks to its picturesque location in the surroundings of the Orlickie Mountains and the Bystrzyckie Mountains, which creates a unique atmosphere, Zieleniec is a genuine paradise for skiers.

The unique landform allowed to create a fully professional ski station, which offers more than 22 kilometers of skiing routes with various difficulty levels. Apart from the professional ski infrastructure, Zieleniec also has numerous hotels, guesthouses, restaurants and bars, which will surely satisfy anyone, who’s planning a longer stay.

Dwie Doliny

Among all the ski stations in Beskid Sadecki, Dwie Doliny stands out not only with the extent of skiing areas and the modern infrastructure. So far, this is the only project in Poland that successfully used ski lifts and routes to connect two villages, that are relatively distant from each other. The origins of this ski station date back to the late 1990s, when the first T-bar lift was constructed. A groundbreaking date was the year 2000, when a 4-person chairlift was constructed.

The skiing areas at the Dwie Doliny station are quite extensive. The most frequently visited slopes are located right next to chairlifts.


The Slotwiny ski station is a skiing area located not far from the village of Krynica-Zdroj. Although its areas are adjacent to a similar area known as „Azoty”, they are not connected to each other in any way. After both resorts received chairlifts, the slopes of Slotwiny became slightly more modern, but the station is more focuseed on competing with its neighbor rather than on teamwork.

Compared to „Azoty” this station is smaller and less diverse, but it has a more beneficial location. It is also more modern and efficient.


Located at the southern edge of Gorce, Kluszkowce has recently become a popular ski station. The first ski lifts were created here in the late 1990s, and after the construction of a chairlift in 2000, this resort gradually began to expand.

The main place of the station is the peak of mount Wdzar, which is the meeting point of all the ski lifts. The station has two chairlifts and two gentle lifts for children, as well a restaurant and bar at the bottom station and additional attractions, such as the „Alpine Coster” toboggan run.

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