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The Ustron Museum

The Ustroń Museum under the name of Jan Jarocki, surrounded by post-industrial monuments, is located at the area of the monumental assumption of the former „Klemens” ironworks. It is open
7 days a week, and is responsible for taking care of the touristic movement in Ustroń and realizing the diverse cultural for people living in Ustroń and its surroundings. The museum documents the cultural traditions of the region and collects all the artefacts associated with the history of Ustroń and its citizens. In the museum you can also find a Creative Work House with a workshop offer. A great advantage of the museum is the largest collection of monumental textiles in the Cieszyn land, as well as numerous home equipment, the activity of which is presented during various events.

The Ustroń Museum under the name of Jan Jarocki is situated at the area of the historical industrial asumption. This is the place, where in 1772, Albrecht Kazimierz Sasko-Ciesyński established the ironworks, and the entire metallurgical center, along with the Great Oven, was named after
st. Klemens. At the same time, a weir was created on the Vistula river, along with the
Młynówka water channel, which powers the machines in the local industrty. There were 5 active metallurgical centers in Ustroń, which were the origins of the metallurgical industry in the region of Cieszyn Silesia. The building of the museum was constructed around the year 1800. In the 19th century it fulfilled the function of administration of the ironworks.

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