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Attractions of the lubuskie region

Lubuskie is one of the most interesting regions in Poland. It advertises itself with the words:
„Lubskie Warte Zachodu” (Lubuskie – worth the effort) If you’re wondering what should you visit in this part of Poland, we have got you covered. Here are a few places you cannot miss while visiting lubuskie.

Strzelce Krajenskie
Strzelce Krajenskie is the seat of the commune of the Lubuskie region. One of the things that you should especially visit here, is the defensive city walls from the 13th century. These walls have a tota lengtrh of 1640 meters are 1 meter thick There are 36 bastions located on these walls, as well as the 14th century Mlynska Gate and the 4th century Prison Bastion. While visiting Strzelce Krajenskie, you should also check out Sr Mary’s church, which was originally erected in 1300.

The Krosno Odrzanskie Castle
The Krosno Odrzanskie Castle was an important defensive stronghold. It was the favourite castle of Henryk Brodaty, who died here in 1238. And Jadwiga Slaska found shelter in this castle in 1241 during the Tatar invasion. This stronghold has an interesting historyfrom the 16th century. That’s when it became the residence of widows of dead Branderburgia electors. One of those widows, duchess Katarzyna Brunszwicka, order the castle to be rebuilt into a beautiful renaissance residence.

Lubniewice is a small town in the Sulecin County, best known because of the Polish sex educator – Michalina Wislocka. Upon The Lubiaz Lake in Lubniewice there is a park named after her, as well as a love bridge.

The Slawskie Lake
This is the largest lake in the Lubuskie region. Its coastline is more than 24 kilometers long, and the tourist route is 31 kilometers long. Around the Slawskie Lake there are many harbors and vacation towns. The Slawskie Lake is also a great camping place.

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