Polish places that look like from foreign countries

Did you know, that in Poland we have a place called the Polish Tuscany, or the Polish Jerusalem, or even the Polish Maledives? Do you know which city is known as the Manchester of the north? Let us introduce you to several places that look like they belong in foreign countries, but are located right here, in Poland!

Polish Provence
We have a region similar to Provence in Poland, or more specifically, the town of Ostrów, in the surroundings of Kraków and not far from Klimontów. That’s the location of the Polish lavender fields, where you can take romantic photos. But don’t overdo it, so you don’t annoy the owners of this beautiful place in Poland. After all, we should all take good care of such a picturesque place.

Polish Tuscany
The Polish Tuscany is none other than the Biała Woda Nature Reserve in Pieniny, where or green hills stand small, charming countryside houses. This nature reserve is located in the Szczawnica community, in the małopolskie region, at the Lesser Poland Geotouristic Trail. We can get into this place for free, and we will get to the place by following walking and cycling trails.

Polish Carcassonne
The beautiful fortification known as the Carcassonne Castle in Languedoc is one of the greatest attractions in France. You might be familiar with this name thanks to a popular board game, in which you have to builda map with medieval towns by connecting tiles together. The fortified French town is impossible to forge, but we do have our Polish Carcassonne. This name refers to the town of Szydłów, where you can find well-preserved medieval walls, and time stands still.

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