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Festival of the Slavic and Vikings in Wolin

Wolin is a historical capital of the Wolin island and the center of the Wolinianie settlement. In the 10th century, this was a blooming trading centre, enhabited by 9000 people. This made it become one of the largest cities in our part of Eurooe at the time. This place is also the location of the city of Jomsborg, mentioned in the Icelandic sagas, which was supposed to be enhabited by the Jómsvikings.

The most precious monument of Wolin is the 13th century gothic church of St. Nicholas.
In the early 21st century Wolin gained another attraction – a recontruction of an early medieval settlement known as the Slavic and Viking Centre.
Back in the 1970s, Wolin hosted the stagings of the attack of the Danish people in the 11th century. The current form of the festival was created in 1993 thanks ot the generosity of the Danish history passionates. Originally, the participants of the event were only producers from other countries, including Denmark, Germany, England and the Netherlands, but nowadays Polish people are very interested in it, too. In 2011, the cyclic event was organized for the 17th time. During the first weekend of August, viewers can go back to medieval times The area, in which the fights, stagings and concerts of ancient music are organized is avialable „exclusively for anything medieval”.

Each festival has a different topic, which makes it even more diverse. Every year, there is also a great battle between the Vikings and the Slavic.

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