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Kitesurfing in Poland

The Hel Peninsula, the Hel Mierzeja – a sandy knife-shaped embankment with the length of 35 kilometers. Hel is the most popular place for kitesurfing, because for 220 days, the „perfect” wind is blowing, and its speed doesn’t reach more than 30 kilometers per hour.
A necessary condition for kitesurfing is the proper wind strength, ranging from 15 to 40 kilometers per hour, so this sport can be done between may and September, and in this case the Hel Peninsula is enjoying the greatest popularity among fans of this sport.

Leba is located in the pomorskie region, in northern Poland. It is a good place, because in this region there are many shallow places, which are perfect for learning kitesurfing – an optimum depth for beginners is 1 meter.
Rewa, pomorskie region – a village between Gdynia and Puck, in the Kashubian land. Here, more advanced people can practice at the full sea with the help of qualified kitesurfing school instructors, of which there are plenty in this area. During the full season in Rewa there are plenty tourists here, and the water is deep, so it isn’t hte safest place for beginners.
If you just want to surf with a kite on the board, but you’re limited by fear or lack of equipment or if you think that learning how to kitesurf is a sport from sporty people only, then you couldn’t be more mistaken. Anyone can start a kitesurfing training, as long they know how to swim and have even medium conditional possibilities. There are no age limits, children who have the weight of at least 35-40 kilograms can already start their adventure in kitesurfing. Any aspect of this sport can be refined, as long as you have motivation.

The Puck Bay – a shallow bay, which is part of the Baltic Sea and the western part of the Gdansk Bay. This is a perfect place, because of changeable wind conditions and huge diversity of the water area.
Chalupy 3 – a camping place in Wladyslawowo, in the pomorskie region.
Jastarnia – a town in the pomorskie region, in the Puck County, at Mierzeja Helska. In Jastarnia there is a great kitesurfing school and a surferownia, which can offer interesting courses for anyone, both individual and group. In most of the schools the average price for one person per one hour with an instructor is approximately 130 PLN. A bigger number of people and hours comes along with more interesting offers.

Kuznica is located in north-west Poland in the Rewal community.
These places – Chalupy 3, Jastarnia and Kuznica – are proud of their experienced instructors and perfect conditions, because they have quite shallow waters and not much tourists. Here we can safely swim, because there are only three wind directions – west, south and east.

Gdansk in the pomorskie region in northern Poland – In this place you can relax, go sightseeing, and if you’re an advanced sportsman, you can have a great time on the sea.
Karwia – a village in the pomorskie region, in the Wladyslawowo community.
Kitesurfing in Gdansk and Karwia is more suited for experienced fans of this sport, because the water is quite deep, and there is also a large risk of being blown out to the edge, where lots of tourists are relaxing. The direction of the wind is north, which means that swimming on the board is best only for advanced.

Jurata, pomorskie region, Jastarnia community. It was formerly part of the Jastarnia city, located at the Mierzeja Helska. In Jurata there are no crowds on the water, which makes learning last in a pleasant and stress-free atmosphere.

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