Small towns associated with famous Polish people

There are many towns in Poland that may be small, but are very recognizable, because these are the places associated with famous Polish people. Here are a few towns and villages that you shoulkd visit if you want to discover places associated with the childhoods of outstanding Polish people.

Wola Okrzejska

Henryk Sienkiewicz was associated with Wola Okrzejska in the Lubelskie region. He was born in 1846, in the place where today you can visit a museum dedicated to him. Here you can admire his family’s memorials and photos, as well as the works of the Nobel prize winning author. Normal tickets cost 5 PLN, and half-price tickets – 4 PLN. Between 1781 and 1870, this town was owned by the Cieciszowski-Sienkiewicz family, and later by the Bernstein family.


The town of Vistula became famous when Adam Małysz was achieving his greatest successes, because that’s the place where he used to live. One of the most outstanding Polish ski jumpers couldn’t take a break from his fans. They wanted to get his autograph at any place in Vistula, even under the home of Adam and Izabela Małysz.

Kasina Wielka

Kasina Wielka in the małopolskie region is the birthplace of the most famous Polish ski runner, Justyna Kowalczyk, was born. She made a very small town famous, causing crowds of cheering fans to come here during her returns after the winter games. Kasina Wielka is also worth visiting because of, among others, a small, charming church, cemeteries and chapels.

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