The most beautiful waterfalls in Poland

When we wander through mountain trails, we often like to have destinations that we want to reach. The perspective of fable-like views, reaching a mountain peak or the irresistable water cascade, at the end of our journey – these are the things that motivate us to keep going. Let us introduce you to some of the most gorgeous waterfalls in Poland.

The Kamieńczyk Waterfall
At the tourist trail leading to Szrenica we can find an incredibly special place, which can become a hiking destination itself. The Kamieńczyk Waterfall is the highest waterfall in the Polish part of Sudety. It is 27 meters high, and you can get there by following the perfectly straight trail, which will be comfortable even for small children. It is an incredibly delightful place, especially if you visit it after the rain. Its beauty was even noticed by the creators of „The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian”. Thanks to that, the whole world can admire this charming place.

The Szepit Waterfall
Despite its huge potential, Bieszczady doesn’t really have to many waterfalls. The largest such place is the Szepit Waterfall, located at the Hylata stream. It is 8 meters high, and the sound of the mountain stream along with the sound of the falling water is something unique that you can’t experience very often in Bieszczady. A platform was built by the waterfall, thanks to which we can admire the waterfall in all its glory.

The Siklawa Waterfall
There is absolutely no need to introduce anyone to the greatest attraction in the Tatra Mountains. The Siklawa Waterfall is not only the largest cascade in the country, but mostly it is a place full of charm. This natural wonder, with the height of about 65 meters is located at the Roztoka stream. Because of the huge amount of tourists, it is worth coming here early in the morning, to peacefully admire this delightful place on the map of Poland.

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