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The mysterious symbol of Krakow!

One of the main symbols of Krakow is a mysterious melody called “Hejnał” (pron. Hey-now ).

Walking around the Main Square, You will certainly hear the it coming from the top of St. Mary’s Basilica. Every hour on the hour, trumpeter plays this tune 4 times to the different sides from the highest tower of basilica?? It happens all year long both at day and night – 24h per day, 365 days per year. However, each time it suddenly stops in the middle…Do you know why??? ?

Explanation of this tradition you can find in the famous legend: “When Mongols have come here to conquer the city, one brave guard who was in the highest tower of Basilica grabbed the trumpet to warn people as fast as he could. But one of Mongolian archer was faster than him. The archer managed to release the arrow and pierce the guard’s throat. That is why the anthem stops on the broken note now.

Since a distant times people in Krakow maintain this tradition, showing respect to a city’s rescuer, and millions of tourists wonder, looking up in surprise?Visit Krakow and check it by yourself!

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