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The Osowiec Fortress

The Osowiec Fortress is a mid-19th century fortress, located at the area of the Goniadz community, in the moniecki County in Poland. It is most famous for its 6.5-month defense during World War I.

The history of the Osowiec Fortress dates back to the defeat of Russia in the Krym War, after which the Russian army reralized that htey are ancient and weaker than other European countries. In order to become stronger, it was necessary to build a fortification center, which would fully secure the north-west border of the Russian Empire.

The Osowiec Fortress was a typical dam fortress, located in Biebrza swamps.

It was built between 1882 and 1887, although the first design works were lead since 1873.

The fortress played a huge part in many battles.

During World War I, the Fortress’ garrison lead defensive battles since September 20th 1914, repelling the attack of a German division In a later period (January 30th to August 8th 1915), the fortress was unsuccessfully besieged by the German corps, which consisted of 40 batalions.

The fortress wasn’t evacuated until August 23rd 1915.

During the interwar period, the fortress was guarded by the 42nd regiment

Before the outbreak of World War II, the fotress was strenthened with permanent fortifications by the Polish Army.

Currently among the four forts of the Osowiec fortress only two are still usable. Fort II, which was destroyed during the wars, is supervised by the poviat eldership in the town of Mońki. Fort IV is also destroyed, and located at the area of the Biebrzsanski National Park.

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