The Hel Peninsula

The Hel Peninsula is one of the most interesting regions of the Polish coast of the Baltic Sea. It is entirely part of the Seaside Landscape Park, which was established in 1978 in order to protect this unique part of Poland. It is about 3 kilometers wide at one of the neds, which is why it looks like a „cow’s tail” when we look at the map of Poland.

There are several interesting seaside resorts located at the Peninsula itself:

Władysławowo – this resort is very popular among tourists, located by the Baltic Sea. Pretty, sandy beaches and incredible surroundings attract crowds of tourists every year. In Władysławowo, or in Cetniewo to be exact, you can visit the Resort of Olympic Preparations, in which Polish sportsmen are getting in shape.

Chałupy – an old, Kashubian summer vacation village, located at the beginning of the Hel Peninsula, between the towns of Władysławowo and Kuźnica, for most of the summer, there are very good conditions for water sports at the bay, mostly windsurfing and kitesurfing.

Jurata – a renowned, pre-war resort, an elite summer vacation town, located in the middle of the Hel Peninsula, between Jastarnia and the city of Hel. Jurata is lcoated in the pine forest. It is a town with a health spa microclimate. A special attraction of Jurata is a walking pier, from which you can admire the Puck Bay, as well as a promenade connecting the Baltic Sea with the Puck Bay.

Hel – an old, Kashubian harbor town, a summer vacation town located at the end of the Hel Peninsula. In Hel you can visit the Fishing Museum and climb up to the observation tower to admire the incredible panorama of the city.

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