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Lubuski Wine and Honey Trail

This project aims to show the amazing values of the Lubuskie Voivodeship. It shows works in the field of culture and art, protects national heritage and provides a wide group of Polish and foreign tourists with information on the flagship tourist product of the Lubuskie Voivodeship. Thanks to this, places related to tourism are available to a larger number of visitors. What is more, the places that the trail presents are friendly to tourists of all age groups and encourage spending time outdoors. However, in this article we will introduce you to the vineyards located in the above-mentioned area.


Wine and honey have accompanied humanity for ages. It is right here, in the Lubuski region, that the cultivation of the grapevine has survived the longest. This region also boasts a rich history of beekeeping. Numerous private beekeeping museums are created here. What is more, Vineyards with rich history and old wine traditions are created here. The idea of the project appeared in 2006, however, it was realized two years later. Nowadays, in the Trail there are about 50 places where you can learn about the history of Polish winemaking and beekeeping.

1. Stara Winna Gora Vineyard

The origins of this vineyard date back to 1997. The vineyard is one of the largest in the region-its area is approximately 6.5 hectares. It is also the first winery to introduce the local wine to disposal. This event took place during the 2010 grape harvest festival. The grape varieties grown here are: riesling, traminer, pinot noir and saint laurent. Newer varieties, more adapted to our Polish climate, can also be distinguished here – such as: saphira and regent. This vineyard is open to the public, and the number of people who can accommodate it at one time is 100.Moreover, local wine tasting sessions are organized here. An additional convenience of this place is a hotel in the style of a 19th-century manor house. There is also a SPA in the hotel, which will surely make the ladies’ time pleasant. In addition, this place has such advantages as: facilities for the disabled, spacious parking lot, access by public transport.

2. Senator Vineyard

This vineyard was established in 2006 as an experimental winery. The owner conducts research on table grape varieties, wine-processing grape varieties and those intended specifically for the production of champagne. At present, about 100 bushes of various varieties are grown here. The owner of the winery, next to his plantation, also has a ceramic workshop, where he produces stoneware bottles and dishes for wine and mead. The gallery that is located there has various types of wine vessels and ceramic reliefs. The culinary attractions provided by the hosts include farm cheeses, cold meats and game products. At the end of the tasting, a delicacy from the local winery is served – chocolate jam with plum brandy.

3. Lubuskie Vineyard Centre

It is the largest self-governing vineyard in Poland. This place is only 12 kilometers away from Zielona Gora. There are favorable climatic conditions here, which is why this place is considered to be one of the best places for viticulture in the region. The first wine grapes were planted here in 2013. A year later, around 40,000 bushes were planted on the site, which now gives an amazing experience to visitors. This place can accommodate 90 visitors at one time. Moreover, every year events like ,, Young Wine Festival”, ,, Wine Festival” or ,,,Grape Harvests” are organized here. The vineyard is fenced and the owners, who have their plantings there, show around the area. Lubuskie Wine Center is the main point on the Lubuski Wine and Honey Trail and its main task is to show tourists the landscape values of the region, present vineyards and local apiaries, as well as cultural and natural heritage. Visitors also have the opportunity to learn about the traditions that have prevailed here for generations.

4. Castle Mierzecin Wellness and Wine Resort

This breathtaking place is located in the Drawienski National Park. The vineyard is the heart of the property, and at the same time the precursor of the restaurant operating on the property. It is also worth noting that the restaurant located on the property is the only one in Poland that is recommended by Slow Food Poland. The vineyard was established in 2004. The first seedlings were planted that year as well. Currently, 19 grape varieties are grown here. Among them we can distinguish:

for white wines: kernling, riesling, gewürztraminer, chardonnay, solaris, seyval blanc and for red wines: rondo, regent, pinot noir and zweigelt. It is worth pointing out that a group of up to 200 people can stay in the vineyard at one time.

Grapes are used here not only for the production of high-quality wines, but also during relaxation treatments at the Grape Spa, and are also the basic ingredient of dishes in the local restaurant. Wines produced in the vineyard are available for sale. It is also worth noting that wine tasting sessions are also conducted throughout the year. The local wines have been awarded numerous medals both in national and international competitions. An additional advantage of this place is the possibility of accommodation and a number of recreational activities such as: a recreational swimming pool, a complex of saunas, baths and grottoes, a fitness zone, a horse farm, bowling, tennis. And that is not all! At this place you can also organize banquets or business meetings.

5. Ingrid Vineyard

This vineyard was founded in 2008. On the area of 2.5 hectares varieties of grape wines such as: pinot blanc, muskat morawski, müller-thurgau, riesling, zweigelt and pinot noir were planted. Wines from the local winery have been on sale for a year. It is also worth noting that local liquors are awarded with numerous awards. A tasting room, a wine cellar and the main point of the program – a vineyard are waiting for visitors of this place. The youngest will also find interesting things here. Owners prepare for them a playground and two friendly, loving children dogs. During wine tasting you will have an opportunity to try local products like cheeses, pastries and cold cuts. What is more, during this time the sweet lavender smell will be our companion.

6. Bachus Vineyard

The winery is located in the historic cellar. A few steps down, below the stained glass window with Bacchus, and the visitors see a brick cellar. The cellar is preserved in the Gothic style. There are over a dozen tables and a card filled with a variety of local wines. The atmosphere of this place takes visitors to a time when numerous grapevines grew around the city. The family to which the vineyard belongs has been growing and trading wine for generations. What’s more, the owners’ family runs a wine shop where local wines catch the eye. Here you can not only buy great wine, but also the owner, who is familiar with the subject, will be happy to tell you about the advantages of individual beverages and advise you on how to properly compose them with the dishes.

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