Sandomierski Wine Trail

Grapevines in the Sandomierz region have been successfully cultivated since the 13th century. Wine from the local regions is exported to other places in the world. However, the thing that attracts wine lovers the most is ,,Sandomierski Wine Trail”. Why ? Firstly, there are numerous oenological farms located on the trail. Moreover, most of them offer tasting its liquors and sell its own wines, fruit and grapevine seedlings. Another attraction is that owners of the vineyards will show you around and say some words about their vineyards.


The wine-growing traditions in Sandomierz are numerous and rich. The first vineyards were established by the Dominicans who came to these lands around 1226. The first vineyards that were established in this area date back to around the 13th century.

The wine produced in the Sandomierz region quickly became known, not only among the locals, but also other inhabitants of Poland and foreigners.

Currently, the “Young Wine Festival in Sandomierz” is organized here every year. This event aims to bring wine enthusiasts together with local winemakers and show the tradition and beauty of the local regions.

1. St. Jacob Vineyard

This vineyard was founded in Sandomierz by the Dominicans. It is also the first vineyard established in the Sandomierz region and its creation dates back to 1226. In 1238, this place obtained Książecy’s certificate for the production and sale of wine throughout Europe. Commercial activity was carried out here until the 18th century, when the monastery was closed. In 2012, the vineyard reopened. Currently, wines are produced here and numerous tastings are carried out. Moreover, the vineyard is open to visitors.

2. Nad Jarem Vineyard

It is a hectare vineyard located 5 kilometers from Sandomierz. The vineyard offers a beautiful view of the Koprzywiank and Vistula valleys. The vineyard started selling its wines in 2013, making it one of the first to start selling liquors on a larger scale. The alcohol produced here is awarded many times, by both domestic and foreign critics. The following grapevines seedlings are grown here: Souvignier gris, Muskat Odeski, Hibernal, Bianca for white wines, Rondo, Zweigelt for pink wines and Regent, Zweigelt for red wines. The vineyard is open to the public. What’s more, the owner is very happy to talk about his passion for winemaking and local wines. During the visit you will have an opportunity to taste both local wines and local products such as cold meats and cheeses. You also have an option to organize barbecues and team-building meetings here. There are also plans to open rooms for visitors to the vineyards.

3. Plockich Vineyard

It is the oldest professional vineyard in the region. It also has the greatest amount of honors. Almost 20 grape varieties are cultivated here, which are then used to produce a variety of wines. Among the varieties, we distinguish: Riesling, Pinot Noir, Zweigelt, Seyval blanc, hibernal, Johaniter and Rondo. It is worth noting that the wines from this winery win numerous awards in competitions every year. The wines are varied in character and style as well as dryness. The beginnings of the vineyard date back to 2006, but the wines have been officially sold since 2009. However, since then they have gained recognition among wine lovers. This is evidenced by the victories in competitions such as the Grand Prix in Zielona Gora and the Grand Prix in Jaslo. The method of wine production is also an important fact. Why is it so special? Well, only the family of the winery owners participates in its production. What is more, the wines are produced in a traditional way, from properly ripe and healthy fruits. This is the substructure why wines from this winery are tasty and have high quality. The vineyard is open to visitors and has a very wide tasting offer. However, it is necessary to make an appointment, about a vineyard tour, with the owners. In the summer season, it is also possible to spend the night next to the vineyard.

4. Na Rozdrozu Vineyard

This vineyard is located at the crossroads of two roads. This is where its name comes from. In 2013, as many as 100 vines were planted, and the first adventure with wine began in this period. However, the first wine production brought the greatest emotions. There was a fear that something might go wrong, but as it turned out, the wine was excellent. Since then, there has been a significant development of the vineyard. New bushes and new grape varieties were planted – mainly for white wines. The first wines were launched in 2017. Local wines have won numerous awards in wine competitions. Currently, the vineyard is open to visitors. Nearby, there is a place where tourists can relax, talk about wine, and taste local drinks. What is more, this place has an amazing atmosphere and shows a true love of wine.

5. Nobilis Vineyard

The Nobilis Vineyard was established in the heart of the Sandomierz region in 2001. As the owners of the vineyard say, it is preserved in a homely atmosphere, and the wines produced here reflect hard work and care that owners put into every detail. The wines that are made here are derived from grapevine plants adapted to our climate. The wines produced here include: Mr. Helidor, GoldeSolare, Queen Celesta, Sweet Pearl – white wines, Roselit Diva – pink wine, Sir Flamen, Lady Rubin – red wines. The wines obtained here combine the owners’ passions and innovative wine traditions. The main goal of the owners is customer satisfaction and attention to detail during the production of each bottle of wine. As a result, customers return to the vineyard full of enthusiasm and passion for wine. The vineyard offers tastings from May to October, but you must make an appointment in advance.

6. Nadwislanska Vineyard

This vineyard is located in the Pieprzowe Mountains near Sandomierz. 6 varieties of grapevine are grown here. There are very good soil and climatic conditions here, which is favorable for the cultivation of grapevines. Moreover, the vineyard has an unusual location as it is partly located in a Natura 2000 area and the nature reserve is located nearby. The first wines were issued only in 2019. The vineyard is open to visitors both on weekdays and on weekends and public holidays. However, it should be remembered that in order to visit the vineyards, firstly you need to arrange the date and time of the visit with the owners.

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