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Krakow Christmas Market 2019

The Christmas market in Krakow has an over 100-year old tradition and reach back to the days, when they were known as the „Christmas fair” On November 29th, the Krakow Main Market Square will become home to another edition of this wonderful holiday event. The Christmas market in Krakow were awarded in 2007, when a a book with descriptions of of the most interesting Christmas Markets in Europe was published in Italy. Meanwhile, in 2012, the foreign CNN Travel program hailed Krakow as the best city to spend Christmas. As you can easily see – Krakow sets the bar pretty high for other cities.

As each year in Krakow, during the Christmas market you can a whole lot of attractions. The omnipresent sound of Christmas carols, the smell of the Christmas tree and lots and lots of colorful lights which makes us feel the Christmas spirit – that’s exactly what we’ve come to expect from a good Christmas market. This year, there will be approximately 80 stalls, with countless exhibitors from Poland and other countries. We will have a chance to taste traditional foods from Germany, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Ukraine and Slovakia. Among the special treats, you might find roasted chestnuts, old-Polish dumplings and oscypki. If you’re a fan of sweet treats, you will also find something special – fried peanuts in caramel, waffles, gingerbread and homemade cakes.

Among the exhibitors there will also be craftsmen and creators of a wide arrange of DIY. Wooden Christmas cribs, hand-painted glass baubles, decorations and Christmas wreaths, ceramic products and wooden toys – these are just some of the products you will be able to find at Krakow Main Square.

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