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Lanckorona – the magical city of angels

Lanckorona – the magical city of angels is an incredibly charming city in the Lesser Poland region, located between Wadowice and Myslenice, 3 kilometers away from Kalwaria Zebrzydowska. Lanckorona is situated on a mountainside, so from the leaning Market Square you can see marvellous views of the lower valleys, and even far-away towns. If the visibility is good enough, the spectacular panorama can reveal the Calvary with a monastery, Krakow, and even Babia Gora in Beskid Zywiecki.
Lanckorona is undoubtedly a place with a specific mood, when it comes to its location, it might remind you of Koniakow, which also lays at a mountainside and can offer fantastic landscapes. Meanwhile, from the artistic point of view, it might also remind you of Kazimierz Dolny upon Vistula, because this place is also adored by artist painters, directors, photograph lovers. But the difference is that Lanckorona is much more quiet, small-town like, better for relaxing. And this is what many people like. It is actually still waiting to be discovered, but it might be better, if it doesn’t become another trampled village and doesn’t lose its charm.

Monuments in Lanckorona:

A 14th-century parish church of St. John the Baptist, located by the Market Square. It got its current look in the 16th century.

19th-century houses by the Market Square, often wooden and climatic.
The Market Square of Lanckorona is very original and interesting, it raises up to the preeminent church, and by that church you can find short houses creating a picturesque complex reminding of days gone by.

Ruins of the Lanckorona castle – on top of the Lanckorona Mountain, you can find the ruins of a 14th-century building, created by the order of Kazimierz the Great. You can reach the castle by following a narrow street, up behind the church.

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